WP News: WordPress 4.1, Blogging 201, and LoopConf

The Clark College WordPress class students review WordPress news around the world to bring you the latest news and WordPress resources during the academic year.

WordPress Development

WordPress Core Weekly: A summary of all the updates made to WordPress in the last week. Formerly known as Last Week In WordPress Core.

Scaleable Dropdowns: A timeline has been put into place to get wp_dropdown_users() (#19867) and wp_dropdown_pages() (#9864)  into a state suitable for patch review.

WordPress News

WordPress 4.1 – This Week in WordPress Core Weekly, updated jQuery UI to 1.11.1, updated the 4.1 back end to add missing labels to category filter dropdowns, and began importing the new default theme for the next year, aptly named Twenty Fifteen.

The Return of Weekly Bug Scrubs – With the upcoming update to WordPress 4.1, there are plenty of bugs to be fixed! Bug Scrubs allow for a sort of triage, and get through a bunch of tickets in a short amount of time. Meet ups are Fridays at 11AM EST in the #wordpress-dev IRC channel.

WordPress.com News

Blogging 201: Branding and Growth – WordPress will be adding another two-week course, starting Monday, October 20th. The course focuses on growing your audience, and will provide a daily task and resources necessary to complete it. There are no prereqs for the course, but Blogging 101: Zero to Hero will also be returning in November,

Engaged, Inspired, and Ready to Build a Better Web – Automattic had their yearly meetup this year in Park City, Utah. 277 Automatticians were in attendance at the event, called the Grand Meetup, for seven days this past September. The focus of the event is to make new connections and work on making WordPress a better tool for everyone.

WordPress Events

Las Vegas: LoopConf is a WordPress developer conference, that is going to be held for the first time at The Westin Lake, Las Vegas, from May 7-8th, 2015. Tickets will be available soon on their website.

Vancouver, WA – Due to the success of the last WordPress Social Meetup, another will be held October 19th, from 4-7PM. The meetup will be held at the Parkway Plaza Building in Vancouver’s East Side.

WordPress Videos and Tutorials

The following are tutorials and videos offering helpful information on using WordPress.

Publish an eBook From Your WordPress Site – A step-by-step guide for turning your WordPress blog into an actual eBook.

A Beginner’s Guide to Moderating Comments – Getting any comments on your site yet? Having to deal with any spam or bot comments? This is the guide for you!

Password Protecting Posts – Have any posts you’d like to keep private, or only available to certain people? You can learn how to set a password for your posts in this guide.

2 thoughts on “WP News: WordPress 4.1, Blogging 201, and LoopConf”

  1. WordPress 4.1 is bringing some amazing new features. The best ones are the all new Twenty Fifteen theme and installing languages from WordPress dashboard.

    Other major visual changes are the text editor becomes full screen when you start typing and inline image alignment options.

    Also there are major upcoming changes for the developers, Query, Taxonomy, Title Tag handling and Customizer API are being improved, reworked and upgraded.

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