Web Accessibility: Text Justification

According to the Business Dictionary Text Justification is defined as

” A paragraph or block of text in which all words in all lines are spaced-out such that the first word aligns with the left margin and last word with the right margin.”

Providing text that is legible and easy to read is import for Web Accessibility. Some users may have difficulty reading text that is not aligned properly. Aligning text to both the left and the right of a paragraph can cause what is known as rivers in a page, these are noticeable spaces between words, you may have noticed this in some newspapers or a magazine article that you have read recently.Justifying your words to the left hand side of a column is usually the first step in avoiding this issue.

Make sure your text is properly justified, this creates a visual hierarchy, which allows the text to flow properly. Most articles are aligned to the left of each column.

Using CSS alignment properties allow you to control how your text will look on the screen. W3C on how CSS benefits accessibility. CSS benefits accessibility primarily by separating document structure from presentation.

Finally, give thought to how your article will be laid out, and how it will look on a screen, since mobile use is on the rise, your font choice is of the utmost importance, and it must be legible on small devices. Make sure you find a text that is legible, such as Georgia or Verdana which is a font family specifically designed for the Web by Matthew Carter.

There are many websites devoted to Web accessible fonts if you are having trouble deciding which one to use for your site, the following are links to resources that may help you decide what font will work best for you,  and will help you to follow the guidelines for Web Accessibility.

Articles on the importance of Justification and Type Face

Using CSS to Align Text Properly

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