Automattic Buys Scroll Kit for Storytellers

In the article “WordPress just bought Scroll Kit, a visual online editor for stories,” written by Kia Kokalitcheva, she starts by talking about the different companies that have busted into the website making game. Kokalitcheva compares a few of the companies like Squarespace, Weebly and Brandcast and the amount of funding that they get. Plus gives insight to Automattic raising $100 million in funding.

She then proceeds by covering the news that WordPress, for an undisclosed amount, has enveloped its competing website-maker Scroll Kit which is an online editor for stories. Kokalitcheva refers to the article on Scroll Kit’s website.

Kokalitcheva goes on to talk about the attention that Scroll Kit accumulated when its cofounders made a tutorial showing how you could make your own version of the New Your Times’ Snow Fall piece. Times immediately asked them to take it down, but this helped Scroll Kit get the ball rolling on their popularity. There were rumors that Scroll Kit’s production team was going to join the WordPress family, however, Scroll Kit will be shut down.

Details as to what existing Scroll Kit users will need to convert over to WordPress are also given on the Scroll Kit website. In three months the site will shut its doors, and you will be able to export Scroll Kit projects to WordPress.

The last thing that Kia Kokalitcheva shares is a quote from the team at Scroll Kit on their collaboration with WordPress from the very beginning.

In a sense, this change feels like we’re coming full circle. For both of us, WordPress was our entrance into the web. Kate wrote her first HTML and CSS to modify a theme. Cody used WordPress to launch NYU Local. We’ve watched in admiration as WordPress has grown steadily over time. The team is only 250 people and yet powers 21 percent of the Web. It’s a huge percentage, but when you talk to Matt and the team, it’s clear that they are just getting started.

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