ImageInject WordPress Plugin Updates

Previously known as WP inject, ImageInject is a dynamic free WordPress Plugin that allows you to insert images into your WordPress post very easily and quickly. You can by simply searching a huge and free database containing millions of photos with a couple of clicks and have an image added to your post.

The images in ImageInject are sourced from Pixabay and Flickr.  More sources to come in the future. When the images are imported the source information is automatically entered into your post for you.

Sun Image from Pixabay

If you want multiple photos, you just add those photos at the same time. You select where in the post you want a photo, then select the orientation and size. Then your photo(s) are entered. Be sure to update your post so that your work is saved.

If you are unfamiliar with installing a WordPress Plugin, “How To Install A WordPress Plugin” by Amy Herrington, a Clark College WordPress student, will help.

wp-admin Plugin

After you download the files and have activated the Plugin, it will appear at the bottom of your screen in your Instant WordPress. So you simply can start using it.

ImageInject Search Field

Inserting Images with ImageInject

  • Search in the metabox at the bottom of the WordPress screen
  • Note: you can move this box up by simply dragging the box up. Clicking on “WP Inject” title, hold your mouse and pull the box to the point where you want it
  • Search for an image by typing your choice in the field available and press return
  • Images will appear that you can choose from, so just click on the images you desire
  • Highlighted images will have a blue border around them. You can also select them by using the checkbox
  • You can choose where it will be displayed (“Align Left”, “Align Right”, or “Align Center”) and what size it will appear

ImageInject Media Sizes

There are settings that can be made to this WordPress Plugin such as default alignment, attribution location (which automatically adds photo authors to your post), results per search (how many photos should be displayed when you do a search), and enable ImageInject link (an link to ImageInject where you got the images).

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