WordPress to Close Kvetch

According to WP Tavern, the ability to anonymously complain about WordPress might disappear in the near future. In 2007 a form was introduced called Kvetch that allowed WordPress users to issue anonymous complaints to developers.  This allows users to have a say in what goes into WordPress and gave developers feedback on the current state of WordPress.

However, Drew Jaynes submitted a ticket that stated the following:

“I don’t think anybody can deny Kvetch is sort of a black hole on .org, but it can also be a good outlet to see unfiltered user feedback.

In their current form, Kvetches don’t really provide a lot of context though. I propose we either:

A) Consider adding a WordPress version field to the Kvetch form
B) Just display the posted-date alongside it.”

Samuel Sidler responded to the ticket with information provided by Scott Reilly. In his ticket, Samuel asserted that they “probably just need to nuke Kvetch.” There was agreement among users and developers that Kvetch needed context and needed refinement to facilitate better feedback, and that the best way to accomplish this was to rebuild a new feedback system from the ground up.  

At this time, no new information is available regarding Kvetch’s replacement. There will likely be an announcement before any changes are made.


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