Importance of Image Attachments in WordPress

Before discussing the importance of image attachments, its important to understand how they work on your site. An image attachment is defined as:

A setting used through the media library, allowing you to add an image that opens on its own page connecting to your website.

Adding An Image Attachment

You can add an image attachment by clicking “Media” then selecting “Library“. Once you’re in the Media Library you can upload and selecting an image.

Example of Media Page

After uploading the selected image,  look toward the bottom right corner of the screen and you will see “Attachment Display Settings“.  Select “Attachment Page” and save it.


Editing An Image Attachment

To edit an image and have it be connected to your site, hover over the image and select the pencil edit icon. Then follow the same instructions as listed above.

edit an image

Why Image Attachments Are Critical

Image attachments keep the user on your site. This is crucial because it keeps users from becoming frustrated and confused while navigating your website. Let’s look at why the other two menu options are not always good choices:

  • Media File:  Opens the image file on its own tab. This often leads to a 404 page or the site of where the original image came from. Users will often have to use the back button to return to your site.
  • Custom URL:  This option gives you the opportunity to link an image to a particular website by simply typing or paste it inside the URL box.  This can be useful but should be used sparingly. It often takes users off your site and if you’re not specific enough in your description, users may avoid this altogether.


As you can see, it’s important to keep your website user-friendly and easily accessible.  Image attachments keep your users on your website, allowing them to view the image up close, while keeping frustrations to a minimum.

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