WordPress Words: WordPress Meetup

 meet·up \mēt-əp\ noun
A meeting, especially a regular meeting of people who share a particular interest and have connected with each other through a social-networking Web site.
Year of the Meetup – WordPress News

Meetups bring together people with common interests. A WordPress Meetup is when a community of people who have a common love of WordPress get together to discuss all things WordPress on a regular basis. These WordPress Meetups come in all different shapes and sizes, and carry multiple WordPress learning benefits. 

In the article from WordPress News, it lists a few different types of Meetup people like to participate in:

  • Hang out and work on your WordPress sites together
  • Social/happy hour type gatherings
  • Mini-lectures/presentations
  • Developer hacking meetups
  • Show and tell of how group members are using WordPress
  • Formal instruction on how to use WordPress
  • Lecture series
  • Genius bar/help desk

The ways to structure a WordPress Meetup are teaming with endless possibilities. Some groups have Meetups once a month others more frequently to accommodate  their WordPress community.

Joining a WordPress Meetup

There are WordPress Meetup  groups all over the world, so chances are there is one sitting in your own backyard and you didn’t even know. According to WordPress Meetup there are a total of 661 groups in 56 countries, getting together and discussing WordPress.

Melissa Jeffries wrote an article on ClarkWP WordPress Magazine about different WordPress events in her article “New Automattic/WordPress.com Events Calendars.” In the article she links to the WordPress Event Calendar to find WordPress events that you can join. For those of you who are looking for something local, there is the Portland WordPress Meetup group that you can also join that covers the Portland and Vancouver metro areas.

A map of the world with locations of WordPress Meetups

Learning from WordPress Meetups

You may be wondering what can you gain from a WordPress Meetup? How can you use this to better my user experience? With a whole community of people working to understand WordPress the possibilities are endless. Some meetups could include:

  • Creating a free WordPress.com site
  • Install WordPress on a web host
  • Setting up a site for business or personal use
  • Learning WordPress Basics:
    • Article writing template and structure
    • Adding images and videos
    • How to create galleries
    • Blogging tips and techniques
    • How to link and cite sources
    • WordPress site organization
    • Social Media integration
    • Website design fundamentals
    • How to encourage traffic

Often WordPress Meetups have very influential people in the world of WordPress come and share their knowledge. For example, Lorelle VanFossen has over 25 years of web publishing experience and hangs out with the Portland and Vancouver WordPress Meetups. You’ll be engaging with other like minded people who want to learn the same things that you do.

Working and learning with people that have similar interests as you can be rewarding in many ways. With WordPress Meetups, you are getting together with a community of people who have the same common goal, WordPress. If you happen to have a question about WordPress, with a Meetup group, you have the option to ask other people in your community for help.  

Meetup has a message board system that allows community members to talk with one another. Not to mention all the networking opportunities you could have with people in your WordPress Meetup community.

More Information on WordPress Meetups

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