How To Embed Live Google+ Hangout Session In WordPress

Google+ Live Hangouts is a fantastic tool to bring people together, wherever they are, and increase productivity, enhance communication and – well – Hangout.

Beth Hayden of Copyblogger described it this way:

“Picture a Google+ Hangout as an online gathering place where you can facilitate a virtual chat with nine of your favorite pals. Then, imagine you can invite the entire world to take part in your conversation. Or if you’d rather keep things private, you can have personal conversation too.”

Below are instructions on how to embed a live Google+ Hangout session in WordPress for free and without a WordPress Plugin.

Creating a Google+ Live Hangout

To host a Live Hangout, make sure your Google+ page is connected to your YouTube account. It is best to do this beforehand, but as you begin the process, you will be prompted to connect them if you choose to wait.

Google will verify your account by sending a code to your cell phone in text format. Enter the code into Google when prompted, and your first Live Hangout is ready to host.

From the menu on the left side of the page showing the Home button, hover and select Hangouts.

Hangouts menu

Look near the middle of the page and to the left for the Start a Hangout on Air blue button and click.

Hangout on air button

On this next screen is where you will enter the details of your Hangout session.

  1. Give the Hangout a name.
  2. Provide a short description of the purpose.
  3. Choose a start time and enter what is needed.
  4. Add the people you want to invite.

Hangout session details

Embedding the Hangout in WordPress

After clicking Share, you will be directed to your Hangout page on Google+. There will be a video player cued as well as the details of the Hangout.

To get the Hangout to play directly on your site, look at the Details box to the right of your player.

Details box

Click Links to access three links:

  • Link to the event page on Google+.
  • Link to YouTube page.
  • Embed code you need for your website.


Next, copy the Video embed code and take it to your site.

Create or open the page you are using for the Hangout session. Paste the embed code in the Text view of the post editor.

Save and test, as is always best.

If things are in order, you will see a video player on the page.  Click the Play button will start your timer towards your start time.

When your start time arrives, jump to your Hangout page on Google+, click the Start button on the video player and begin your Hangout. Very shortly, the stream will start on your website.

Google+ Hangouts is a free, powerful, live option to collaborate, share and train your attendees in a very familiar setting.

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