WordPress Words: Media Uploader

The Media Add New Screen allows you to upload Media (images, videos, files, etc.) for later use in your posts and pages. This screen allows you to both add single items as well as perform bulk uploads, if you wish to add more than one media item to your Media Library. Uploading media from your local computer into the Media Library is quite simple. Two ‘uploader’ methods, Multi-File Uploader and Browser Uploader, are provided. The Multi-File Uploader is the primary method for adding media to the Media Library, but if doesn’t work then click the “Browser Uploader” link to use the Browser Uploader.
WordPress Codex

As explained above, there are two types of Media Uploaders that are used in WordPress. The first is the Multi-File Uploader. This is considered the preferred method, but if your browser can’t support HTML 5, the Browser Uploader will work.

As it’s name suggests, the Multi-File Uploader enables the user to upload several images at once. Images can simply be dragged and dropped into the Multi-File Uploader area.

Multi-File Uploader

There is a large dotted border around the area where the files are supposed to be dropped. Adding media is as simple as selecting multiple files at once and dropping them into the Multi-File Uploader. If this option does not work for any reason, the Browser Uploader is also an option for adding media to your blog posts.

Dotted Lines around Uploader Area
The dotted lines are the boundary for Multi-File Uploader drag-and-drop area.

If the Multi-File Upload won’t work, you are offered a second alternative known as the Browser Uploader. To switch to that option, click on the words “Browser Uploader”. They are the small, blue link at the bottom of the Multi-File Uploader.

Notice that choosing to browse lends the WordPress user the opportunity to browse for their desired media directly from their own files on their computer.

Browser Uploader Option

Even though the Browser Uploader is considered the secondary option for uploading media, it should not be completely ignored. Some internet browsers will not be able to work with the Multi-File Uploader, so don’t rule out the option to browse for your media.

Browser Upload Selection Option

Using the Browser Uploader is as simple as clicking browse and searching for the files you want to upload. Either way, WordPress offers two simple options for uploading media to your WordPress site.

For further information on this topic refer to “Getting Started with the WordPress Media Uploader” by Tutorials Plus.

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