How to Create a Contact Form with the Jetpack WordPress Plugin has a built in contact form available to self-hosted WordPress sites via the Jetpack WordPress Plugin</a .  A contact form allows you to give your readers the ability to get in touch with you from your page or post. 

From a post or Page, look above the toolbar for a button labeled "Contact Form."

Contact Form Button

Contact forms are a great way to get in touch with your readers, without giving out your personal email address, but don’t just limit yourself to thinking about contact forms for communicating with readers. The Contact Form feature of Jetpack allows you to set up many types of forms to increase interactivity on your site.

Here are instructions on how to create a contact form with the Jetpack WordPress Plugin and on

Instructions for a Basic Contact Form

Click the button to bring up a screen to customize the fields that you wish to display on your post or page contact form.

Contact Form Blank

You can add an additional field to the form if you want  or change the label.  To add a new field just click on the text that says Add a new field to edit the form and add a new field.

Contact Form Customization

Once you are happy with the entries you just use the button at the bottom of the form to submit it and you have added it to your post or page.

Contact Form Submittal

This will enter the shortcode to your post or page so that it is inserted for you.  It will become a fully functional contact form once published.

If you see your email and information in the contact form, don’t worry. This is just WordPress populating the forms automatically, being helpful. It is an example of what a user would see if they were logged into your site.

You can edit an existing form or edit the shortcode if you are an advanced user.

  • Label: Field description seen on the top of each field
  • Field Type: The dropdown allows you to select the type of form element that you would like to use
  • Required: Clicking the required checkbox will force the users to fill out the field on your form
  • Options: Should you select dropdown or radio buttons as a field type you will be presented with a fourth option that allows you to add options

You can edit fields but you can also delete fields. Look for the minus sign next to the text field and use it to eliminate that field from your form. Simple step to change your form. Do the same for dropdown options.

Contact Form Delete

You can reorder field to reorganize the order of the arrangement of the form, just click and drag them up or down into the position you desire.

Contact Form Email Preferences Tab

You can choose that the email is sent to the author of of post/page and the subject line be included. Per

If you wish, you can change both the recipient and the email subject of your emails by clicking the “Email notifications” tab. Separate recipient emails with a comma to send to multiple recipients.

Just click on the “Feedback” links in your left-hand menu to see all your comments from your comment form.  If it is marked as spam you can mark it at “not spam”. It is all manageable.

Note contact forms should never be used for anything that’s of a sensitive nature, because they do not offer any security beyond that of regular email.

Contact forms are a useful tool in order to allow a reader to contact you for more information or let you know they have comments about your post without giving out your personal information.

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