Web Accessibility: Media Accessibility User Requirements

The WAI Media Accessibility User Requirements document covers a range of subjects relating to allowing people with disabilities to access media on the web in an alternate way.

This includes the following:

  • People who are blind cannot access the web visually, so your content must have an alternate means of being accessed, typically audio, but also including text which can be read with a screen reader.
  • People with low vision have trouble reading, so discriminating sizes and colors are to be avoided.
  • People who are deaf cannot listen to audio, so an alternate means of accessing that content should be provided, captions are a good method for this.
  • People who are hard of hearing may need subtitles or clear, louder, audio.
  • People with physical disabilities must be able to access the web with an on-screen keyboard, or other assistive technology. The user must have full access to the full site, including methods for selecting alternative content.
  • People with intellectual disabilities, autism-spectrum disorders, memory impairments, mental-health disabilities, attention-deficit disorders, audio- and/or visual-perceptive disorders, dyslexia and dyscalculia, or seizure disorders need necessary accessibility support. This can vary widely for these different conditions. You should avoid hard to read text, flashing lights, embedded text in video, and information should not be overwhelming.
  • HTML5 offers a lot of alternate content options, so utilizing this can be to your benefit.
  • Described video should contain descriptive narration of key visual elements. The descriptions should include actions, costumes, gestures, scene changes,or any other information that is relevant.

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