How to Write a Comment Policy

When creating a business or commercial site/blog, you’ll want to hash out your policies, especially your comment policy if you are going to allow comments anywhere on your site.

A Comments Policy is a statement defining your policy regarding comments on your blog. It is also a “responsibility statement”. It informs the reader of what you will allow on your blog, what you will not allow, and what they are allowed to do. It establishes publicly the responsibilities of each party involved.

Lorelle VanFossen

These days, a Comment Policy have become a web standard to help your readers better understand the rules when visiting.

As you decide how your comment policy is going to be laid out, consider the following:

  • Will comments be moderated?
  • Will you be approving and posting comments that contain links in them?
  • Is there a word limit to your comments?
  • Will you allow comments that contain abusive languages?

Here’s a basic but good image example of a comment policy:

Comment Policy Example

Creating a comment policy to your business/commercial site can help determine how the site will be maintained as well as set a standard for people visiting and viewing your site.


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