Page Builder Plugin

Created by Greg Priday of Site Origin, Page Builder WordPress Plugin enables you to simply drag and drop Widgets and formatting options into your pages and posts using a simple and intuitive interface. This Plugin has a wide use of applications, and can be utilized by any self-hosted WordPress user.

How to Use Page Builder

Once you download and install the Page Builder Plugin, it will add a new menu item next to your Visual and Text Editor.

This shows the Page Builder menu item next to your Visual and Text Editor

When you click on the Page Builder menu item, you will be presented with an interface to add Widgets and rows, as well as delete and move items you’ve inserted. In this interface, you can view all the Widgets and rows you’ve inserted into your post. You can also adjust the size of the rows you’ve inserted at this screen.

This highlights the add widget, add row, delete, and move buttons within Page Builder.

Adding Widgets

If you click the Add Widget button in the Plugin options, you’re presented with a window that allows you to click on a Widgets you can insert into a page or post.

Here is a list of widgets available within the Page Builder Plugin.

Whenever you select a Widget to add, you’ll be prompted to fill out information pertaining to that Widget. Let’s use the Pages Widget as an example:

This shows the information you need to fill in if you select the Pages Widget within Page Builder.

Adding Rows

When you click the Add Row button, a window prompts you to enter the number of rows you would like to insert.

This shows the Add Row window within Page Builder.

As mentioned earlier, you can adjust the size of each row at the initial Page Builder screen.

For More Information

For more information regarding Page Builder and its usage please visit the links below:

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