WordPress Plugin: Huge-It Slider Tutorial

The Huge-It Slider WordPress Plugin is a user-friendly Plugin that allows users to add unlimited images to their websites. 

This could be useful if you have a website specializing in photography or a sporting event.

Features of the Huge-IT Slider

  • Unlimited images
  • Video Slider – YouTube & Vimeo
  • Posts Slider (content slider)
  • 15 different Navigation buttons
  • 9 different positions for Slider Title and Description
  • Auto-generated shortcode to copy and paste the slider to posts, pages , and templates.
  • Can add slider in widgets from widgets admin panel
  • Ability to change font size of Slider Title and Description
  • Full Design Management
  • Support upon request in 24 hours

How to Use the Huge IT Slider WordPress Plugin

HugeIt Slider - Admin PanelOnce installed and activated, the Huge IT Slider is located underneath Settings in the admin panel.

You can select either a video or an image slide and add as many as you want.

You can add a slider by selecting “Add Slider” in the visual editor.

Adding A Slider To A Post

You can adjust the height and width of the slider, as well as the transition speed between photos or videos. When you’re finished select, Insert Slider.

Slider Options Within A Post or Page

Update and save your post or page and view it.

Front End Slider

For More Information On The Huge-It Slider

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