WordPress Words: Comments

Comments allow your website’s visitors to have a discussion with you and each other.
WordPress Codex

Comments are a fascinating part of how we communicate with each other. They enable us to have discussions through mediums like the internet, and lets us interact with people from all over the world. Comments allow us to socially connect in ways that were previously impossible. In WordPress, a comment form like the one below will appear at the bottom of a post or page, and people can respond to what you have written.

This is an example of a comment form found on WordPress.

Comments on the internet and within WordPress are regarded as virtual speech. This means that laws regarding of freedom of speech are applied to comments. However, rules and regulations regarding freedom of speech are dependent upon the laws of individual countries. The Supreme Court of the United States has dictated that the owner(s) of a site are responsible, but not liable for comments made on their site.

There’s also a very human element to comments, as most of them are made by human beings. However, sincerity and the feeling of human interaction is degraded if a person hasn’t submitted a human name to affiliate with their comment. This is why things like Gravatars are commonly used on WordPress, and on the web in general. They help restore the human element to our otherwise digital interactions.

There are many different settings within WordPress that pertain to comment management that can impact the overall look, feel, and social interactivity of your site. If you would like to know more about comments or how they’re managed, please check out our references below.

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