WordPress Plugins: POWr Photo Watermark

WordPress is a land of multiple plugins and widgets, but one in particular stuck out to me. As an artist, and having witnessed my art being used by people who aren’t me, protecting my art is very important to me. Watermarks is one way to do this.

POWr Photo Watermark is a plug in that provides watermark services for images incredibly easily. After installing, it’s very easy to use these features and add them to your own posts.

After installing the plugin, make a post and enter the following shortcode:

[powr-photo-watermark label="Enter a Label"]

Save the post and load the front end of your page and you will something sort of like this:

POWr Photo Watermark  Screenshot

See that “edit me” next to the gears? You’re gonna want to click that.

Here you will upload and image to a POWr Photo Gallery, rather than the Add Media section on the back end of your site. Here you can select a watermark.Be sure to save your uploaded image and your watermark choice.

Select an Image

Then, return to the front end of your site. Refresh, and if all goes well…

Watermarked Image

Your image is uploaded to your site and successfully watermarked.

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