WordPress Resources – Who’s Talking?

As WordPress users, we are often stuck looking for help outside of the WordPress owned forums and support options. Going to an outside source can help you gather an outside opinion, talk to advanced users and get guaranteed-honest feedback.

There are many sites all over the internet for this purpose, however, it is important to make sure the sites you are using are professional and have active users and moderators to get you the best answers fast with minimal or no spam.

ManageWP – Collection of WordPress Experts

Manage WP Blog - screenshot.

ManageWP Blog is a great blog to start at to make sure you are up to date on all the latest news in the WordPress world. This site claims to have the best WordPress stories every day and it may not be far off. This site is very active, posting every day.

Scrolling through their articles you can find advice for using WordPress, WordPress news and updates and very comical but informative pieces about writing bios, choosing a theme or reviewing a WordPress update.

One thing to note about this site is that they are not writing their own articles. ManageWP serves as an aggregator, featuring content with permission from some of the best WordPress experts. This makes ManageWP a one stop site to find the best articles about WordPress posted each day, and is definitely a site to save to your RSS feed.

WPTavern – The Social WordPress

Screenshot of WP Tavern.

Another site to check out for WordPress news is WPTavern. The site contributors describe the site as a warm and inviting community that talks about all things WordPress and a few other topics that fall under the Automattic umbrella such as BuddyPress and bbPress.

The blog is very active with three professional contributors and almost daily posts. Often times, you can find multiple posts going up per day keeping the readers updated on the latest news that affects WordPress users. Scrolling through their latest and most popular posts, you can find a lot of recommendations for free themes, news on conventions and business changes in the WordPress world and a ton of great blogging tips. This blog is great for anyone using WordPress for an active personal or simple blog.

The contributors at WordPress Tavern are professionals in the industry. Two being professional writers and one a WordPress developer for over nine years, you can trust what they write about and the sites they recommend.

The blog can be easily followed through their active and fun social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or by signing up for their newsletter that you can find on the side bar. Looking at their social media, you can find daily updates and a lot of follower engagement. This is a great way to be a apart of the WordPress Tavern community.

Torque Magazine – WordPress Professional News and Tips


Torque Magazine is another great online publication for getting news, tips and updates about WordPress. The site describes itself as the “WordPress news core,” featuring WordPress community experts. The site continues to hold the archives for a well-known but shut down site, WPDaily.

This site discusses WordPress for the more professional users but discussing plugin improvement, improving ecommerce, security tips and updates and more. You can find your area of interest by viewing only one of their three categories across the top which include business, community and development.

While the site doesn’t discuss anything too advanced as far as coding, it does provide businesses running off of WordPress the news and tips they need to know along with a few humorous posts in between. While this next site is not completely dedicated to all things WordPress, you can find quite the plethora of information by doing a simple search for “WordPress.”

Smashing Magazine – Features WordPress Expertise

Smashing Magazine - screenshot of WordPress category of posts.

Smashing Magazine has a dedicated WordPress category and is great site for more advanced users looking for assistance with development, detailed information about WordPress updates and recommendations for themes and plugins.

Smashing Magazine is very active and you can find them posting about WordPress, as it is the most popular blogging platform today, every few days. With a whole section of their site dedicated to coding, an advanced WordPress user or developer will find a lot of assistance on this site. The writers and readers on this site are very active and you can almost always get a reply to your comments asking for advice, and explanation or just to say hello. This site is also very active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and has a newsletter that is sure to send you updates that you will look forward to.

Again, this site has very active social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Looking at their accounts you can find a lot of engagement with their followers and a huge community feel. Following the accounts is a great way to get updates, join the conversations and make connections.

WP Help Forum – WordPress Help

WP Help forum - Screenshot.

Finally, where would we be in the online community without forums to rant, reach out for help and share our knowledge? WordPress.org Support Forums and WordPress.com Forums are the official forums for WordPress and still the best place to start your quest for WordPress help and advice. However, a new private forum, WP Help Forum, might be a place to get more helpful advice about WordPress.

While the Forum isn’t extremely popular, you can almost always find 50 plus users online reaching out for help and willing to share what they know. Being a smaller forum, you can find a closer community. Small forums like this are great for making lasting connections and finding sincere help.

This forum seems to be tailored to help WordPress bloggers with a focus on writing and getting their site to rise in the search engine. Scrolling through you can find main topic areas of troubleshooting, help for starting a website, search engine optimization help, WordPress resources and more.


Using these blog and community sites mentioned, you can find the information on any WordPress topic you will ever need. All the sites have options for staying connected such as RSS, social media and newsletters. None of these sites are sponsored by WordPress which means all of the writers and contributors are providing their knowledge because they are passionate about WordPress and they want to help.


Other WordPress resources that should be on your list include:

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