Interview with Chief Steve Moody

Steve MoodyChief Steve Moody is a Fire Fighter with a passion for sharing his experiences in WordPress. He has been a Chief Fire Fighter in Eldorado, Kansas for one year now after moving from another district for several years. He has been a Chief Fire Fighter for 16 years, 36 years as a fire fighter but is trained in EMT too. He has a personal site called Chief Steven D. Moody.

Chief Steve Moody

I happen to have chosen him to interview since I have worked with fire fighters for several years and couldn’t see them having the time to write down their stories but I sure did want to know them. So I was eager to interview Steve. Steve was humble. He said his son would probably be more interesting to interview about WordPress since his son got him started. But he was wrong.

Steve started using WordPress when he was at his former duty site. He left that site up for those fire fighters to take over but kept the posts he wrote so he had them in case he decided to make them into a book. He shares his experiences as a Fire Fighter.

He has had as many as 3000 hits in one day on his newer site.

His stories are from what he sees to help people whether human interest or to help people understand what a fire fighter goes through during an event. He also writes about lesson’s learned because of a fire. Can you imagine if more of the fire fighters did this effort across the United States what that would do to prevent fires and save lives?

Steve writes his posts to reflect about what he sees on the job to help people learn from his experiences. He hopes to avoid another accident scene, another fire, or family tragedy. He sometimes delays posts so that time will not link a person to the post.  Steve will use different names in his posts too. The whole purpose is to help people learn from his eyes.

I’m sure my sons loathed having a firefighter as a father when Independence Day rolled around. Yes, I’m a self-professed proverbial “stick in the mud” when it comes to shooting fireworks. I understand that I could be a bit biased on the matter. And, for that reason I don’t expect everyone – or many at all – to agree with me on this matter. But, I wouldn’t be properly fulfilling my role as a Fire Chief, if I didn’t say a few words about fireworks safety – beginning with a story.
Do not shoot your eye out by Steven D. Moody

Chief Moody at WorkHe has had his fire fighters put a GoPro camera on their helmet so that video can be filmed during a fire fighting event for use on his site. That is such a great idea. Since he felt he wasn’t the best of photographers he worked out an agreement with a local professional photographer where they could shoot all his men in action and then Steve had the option of using the photos on his WordPress site.

Chief Moody also has pushed with his posts by making sure the public understand the political pressure that fire fighters are under. After all a lot of fire fighters are volunteers and they need the support in order to do their jobs. Chief Moody was the only EMT in his area for awhile. That was some responsibility. He shared that in his posts. If he didn’t share what he did, people wouldn’t know and there may not have been a fire fighter responding to a fire in the local community when needed from what I could tell. Fire fighters need to maintain training and that costs money. The community needs to support that. Chief Moody gets that support by writing his posts about what he does and what his fire fighters need.

Chief Moody personal website screenshot.

Most of Steve’s writing is done in the evening since he is just too busy during the day.  He encourages others to contribute to his site but he has the final say on the contributions that get published. He finds that he likes to writes and the more he writes, the better he gets at it. You can certainly tell from his stories. Of by the way, he also is involved in community volunteer events especially with children. Steve is one busy man.

WordPress works for Steve since it is easy to use and incorporate into his life. Steve’s son helped him set up his account and once he got going he started writing his posts. He told me WordPress works real well for him since he can just sit down and write out his stories and then post them. He can upload all his images and videos without any problems. He doesn’t find it complicated to use so he can just put out his posts. Sometimes he keeps copies for later for his book. The old site he had, he kept all the articles he wrote, so he can use them later if he wants again. WordPress works simply for him. Which is good since he needs that in his life.

He keeps a simple WordPress site so it is easy to read and understand by his readers. He wants people to read it. It is really important to him that he shares what he knows and WordPress gives him that avenue.

I must say I enjoyed my interview with Steve and I hope he does write his book. I had too much material to include in this article so I hope I gave you a taste and feel of what I experienced in my interview. As a writer, I came away with a greater appreciation for fire fighters and their determination as well as the use of WordPress.

Images Credit: from Chief Steve Moody

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