WordPress Plugins: Creative Commons Configurator

There is a WordPress Plugin available to put copyright information on your posts and pages automatically. It is called Creative Commons Configurator. Once you download and activate the Plugin you just do a few steps to set it up and then it will put a creative commons license on your posts/pages for you.

The page for setting it up is displayed below. It is very simple to do once you activate the Plugin. You decide whether you wish to share your post freely or not. There is the option about sharing the license internationally or more locally in a drop down menu. Once you have made those selections you use the license button.

Creative Commons Selections

At this point you can see that you are actually deciding to choose a license that will be attached to your post. It asks you whether you want to proceed.

Creative Commons License

Then the license appears for you as it will appear in your post/pages.Creative Commons3
The image below is how it appears in a post. But it doesn’t stop just there. You can decide it you want it to go on just posts or just pages. You can even change colors of the text block, background color and border color. It is a nice feature so that it goes along with your site look and feel.

Creative Commons In Post

There are further setting controls that can be made after the license has been established. It is up to you whether you want it to go on images or everything in your site. Once you set these controls you do not have to change them, they are automatic. From then on your site will have that mark until you decide to make further changes. If you decide in the future to change your license you can do that too. Just go back to the original setup and change the way you share your post/pages and then use the license button again.

All in all, it was very easy to install and setup. Considering the safeguards we need to take on what we put on our work it could prove a good Plugin to have at hand.

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