WordPress Plugin: Akismet

Akismet WordPress Plugin come with every WordPress installation, including WordPress.com sites. Users must activate it on their self-hosted WordPress installation. The Akismet WordPress Plugin takes care of spam within comments and pingbacks. The owner is able to review all incoming comments and pingbacks that were filtered by Akismet in case of accidental spam categorization. Akismet also has a discard feature which automatically blocks out the worst spam, which speeds up the site and saves disk place. Akismet will discard trackbacks, pingbacks and new comments after 30 of being in the spam queues.

The Akismet filtering service learns from previous interactions, from the site the author is on and from other sites. When enough sites start calling things spam the Akismet Plugin learns from the algorithm and puts the same types of comments and pingbacks into the spam categories.

Akismet Comment Spam - Comment Panel.

Akimset allows one to spend more time on important messages instead of wasting hours upon hours going through spam. Estimates range, but some say 15 out of ever 1000 comments are legitimate. Akismet tries catching the spam before it hits the comment panel on WordPress and many other web publishing platforms including forums.

For being an semi-automated system that is user influenced, the WordPress Plugin can only be so precise on what is spam and what is not, yet few come closer. If there is a comment that the majority of people mark as spam then Akismet will recognize it as spam and delete it. For a person to know if their comment has been detected as spam the awaiting moderation notice will not show like it does normally.

Akismet WordPress Plugin is free as long as it is used for personal use and non-commercial sites and includes standard customer support.  Business sites, commercial and professional sites, are five dollars per month. The user will get one commercial site with priority customer support when needed. The last level of Akismet is called Enterprise, this is meant for people who are pulsing networks, hosting, universities and even agencies, for fifty dollars a month.  

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