WordPress Tutorial: Evernote and WordPress

If you are the type of person who likes to stay organized, than you may want to try Evernote. Just about anything can be attached to a note, including files, images and audio. You can even attach snapshots taken with your phone or computer. Evernote can help writers and artists stay focused on their ideas moving from inspiration to completion.

A screen shot of Evernote's welcome page.
Integrating this Plugin with your WordPress site gives you the option to store and share information to and from your notebooks from just about anywhere. This visual bookmarking service can also help you build a loyal following as users bookmark your site. There are three ways to integrate Evernote with WordPress.

Different Types of Evernote Plugins

Evernote Site Plugin

WP Evernote Site Memory is a bookmarking tool or clipping feature for your readers. It integrates Evernote’s site memory feature into your content. The Plugin places a site memory button at the end of every page and post. Currently, there are 15 button choices ranging in different sizes and languages. WordPress site owners can customize the Plugin by changing how the clipped note will be read. I'm not being rude, I'm taking notes with Evernote.


Everpress is a deeper integration of WordPress and Evernote than WP Evernote Site Memory. It lets you easily share information as a blog post. A screenshot of the start of an  Evernote note.
This Plugin allows Evernote users to automatically post their shared notebooks to WordPress. They can save URLs in a shared folder in an Evernote account. When a URL is saved to this folder, the next time Everpress looks at the RSS feed for this folder, it will create a new article with the added URLs automatically.

Learn More about Evernote

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