Automattic Acquires WooCommerce

In May 19th 2015 it was announced that Automattic would acquire WooCommerce . The article states that with most people have their sites built on open source software like WordPress. So when Automattic (what powers WordPress and a lot of Plugins) acquired WooCommererce it made it easier for people with businesses to sell their products.
In the article Matt  Mullenweg says

“It’s not a new idea: at a WordCamp a few years ago, someone stood up and asked me when we were going to make it as easy to create an online store as we’d made it to create a blog. Everyone applauded; there’s long been demand for better ecommerce functionality, but it’s been outside the scope of what Automattic could do well”.

Woo and Auotmattic posted a video explaining it.
A article covering this was done on Mashable. Here are a few excerpts from the article written by Christina Warren, A graph of users of each ecommerce company

“Not only it is hugely popular in the WordPress community, WooCommerce is huge when it comes to the online store space, powering at least 650,000 online stores.”

 This is also Automattic’s biggest acquisition it has made to date. 

“I spoke to Mullenweg about the acquisition and what adding the Woo team means for the future of WordPress and Automattic. He wouldn’t offer up the price of the acquisition, except to say that it is Automattic’s biggest ever and that it is six times as much as any other acquisition”


Another article covering it was done on TechCrunch. In a article written by Greg Kumparak, he writes Line graph of ecommerce usage

“If you’re looking to turn your WordPress site into an online shop, one option reigns supreme: WooCommerce. With roughly 7.5 million downloads, it’s easily the most popular e-commerce WordPress Plugin — hell, it’s one of the top 10 most popular WordPress Plugins overall”.

  The acquisition of WooCommerce is great news for any WordPress user looking to start up their own online business.

The impact this has on the WordPress community is great. Anyone wanting to make a business on WordPress or support their existing business on WordPress will be able to do it much easier. Now that WooCommerce is officially part of Automattic and WordPress.


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