WordPress Words: Administrator

“Administrator is a user role in WordPress. When a user installs WordPress, it creates a new user with the username and password defined during the installation. That first user is assigned the user role of administrator. They can perform all actions on a WordPress website and have full capabilities.”

What is: Administrator

Example: A WordPress Administrator is automatically setup when installation of the WordPress platform is complete. The Administrator account manages all features and users on a specified site.

About the Word

The role of Administrator on a WordPress website is to manage all users’ roles and responsibilities and features on a single WordPress site. Not to be confused with a Super Administrator, which has the capability to manage everything over multiple websites instead of one. The Administrator is the only one who has the ability to upgrade the WordPress installation. However, you can add other users to help manage content such as moderators, editors, and publishers to help build your site and maintain it. It is possible to have multiple Administrators on a single website but typically there is only one.

A screen shot on a windows operating system of the admin panel.

Only Administrators that operate a single site have the capabilities listed below. If you are however, the Super Administrator for multiple sites, these features will be available.

  • update_core
  • update_plugins
  • update_themes
  • install_plugins
  • install_themes
  • delete_themes
  • delete_plugins
  • edit_plugins
  • edit_themes
  • edit_files
  • edit_users
  • create_users
  • delete_users
  • unfiltered_html

For more information on the roles, capabilities, and beginner tutorials, check out the links below.

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