Interview with Bob Passaro

Profile picture of Bob Passaro.Bob Passaro is a partner in the branding/web development agency Figoli Quinn & Associates. He lives in Eugene, Oregon.

The following is from a phone conversation with Bob Passaro on November 20, 2015.

Bob’s Experience with WordPress

Bob has been using WordPress for around 6 years. His first development job using WordPress was for NW Book Lovers. The website is still active. Even though he has offered to redesign the site, the owners are happy with the original design.

Some sites Bob has developed recently include:

He company is currently getting ready to launch Grit’s site, which incorporates a very modern slideshow design.
Main page of Grit's website.Bob is self taught. He utilized the education available online and took courses from TreeHouse. He also made use of the community of WordPress for help with any questions or issues that came up.

What do you like about WordPress?

Some things that Bob likes about WordPress is the familiarity in it. His clients know the platform or if they don’t, it’s easy to get them up to speed and teach them how to maintain their site. Again, the WordPress community is also another aspect he appreciates. If he or his clients are hung up on something, he can go to the support groups and get help from other WordPress users.

How do you use WordPress?

Everyone is different in how they go about starting a website. For Bob, he likes to start from scratch with a bare bones foundation he coded and build onto it to fit each clients needs. He finds that doing it this way helps him get closer to what the client really wants. It also allows him to be more creative starting with a blank canvas versus starting with a theme and let’s him come up with different ideas on how to make the site work the best for his clients.

What Plugins do you recommend?

There are a few he likes to use in almost all designs. WP Migrate DB which helps sync a local development database to a live site. Contact Form 7, which helps him create more defined forms, and Advanced Custom Fields because it helps him define the location rules.

What advice do you give to a new WordPress developer?

He suggests to just start with a design and practice.

Mostly, a lot of learning is through just diving in and figuring it out through trial and error. Almost anything is possible.
Bob Passaro

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