Interview: Jocelyn Mozak, WordPress Web Designer

A portrait of WordPress Web Designer, Jocelyn Muzak.Jocelyn Mozak, WordPress Website Designer and Founder of Mozak Design, was born and raised on the East Coast and was a featured speaker at WordCamp 2015. At Cornell University, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering then worked as a Senior Hardware Designer at Intel. With her hard work and discipline, she earned a full scholarship to Stanford University to obtain her Master’s in Electrical Engineering. From the technical skills she learned from her education, her passion is what makes her an outstanding web designer.

MV: When did you start using WordPress?

JM: In June 2008, I taught myself how to use WordPress while reading iThemes Theme Essense code and reading the book Bulletproof Web Design.

MV: Why choose WordPress over other content management systems?

JM: Based on my research it was easier for the client than Joomla or Drupel. It was also just where I happened to dig in first in many ways.

MV: How did you start your company, Mozak Design?

A design firm founded by Jocelyn Muzak.JM: After my college years and working in corporate America, I found the courage to walk away, to stay at home and spend more time with my boy. With them getting older and beginning school, I began missing parts of my old life. Since I have always had an interest in website design I began reading web design books. Within days I was hooked. I spent all my free time reading books and designing sites for friends. During that time, I thought about the possibility of owning a business and controlling my own hours and so I started Mozak Design.

MV: What projects at Mozak Design do you work on?

JM: Here at Mozak Design, our projects consist of redesigning our client’s old websites and working with non-profit organizations.

A web design project Mozak Design did.

MV: Is there any advice you can give to those who want to start using WordPress for themselves or their business?

JM: WordPress is an amazing resource, use it a lot, see it as a tool, and make sure to keep your site up to date. If someone goes to your site and it looks old, you better have something amazing to say about it or it will not make a very good first impression.

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