Interview: with Doug Yuen

A black and white picture of Doug Yuen in black and white with a profile shot of his face.Meet Douglas Yuen, Doug is originally from Waldwick, New Jersey. During his time at Cornell University, he double majored in English Literature with a concentration on creative writing, as well as Philosophy. He was interested in the subject matter, and thought that one day he would become a writer and professor of creative writing. In 2008, he got into Content Management Systems because he was thinking about quitting his job and working for himself so he could travel the world. After evaluation of some of the most popular CMSs of that time, he decided to settle on WordPress. He has owned and operated EfficientWP (Efficient Websites LLC.) for the last 6.5 years.

A screenshot of a landing page for Website design in a day.

Q: Tell me about yourself?

A: I’m a WordPress designer who’s expanding into the world of developing premium plugins. I’ve spent about 2.5 years traveling abroad, while growing my business, between 2012-2015. I’ve spoken at WordCamps 4 times (so far), have 3 publicly available plugins in, and co-host a WordPress podcast,

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Q: Are you a business owner?

A: Yes, I’m a business owner. I’ve worked for myself for about 6.5 years so far.

Q: What’s your business name?

A: My business name is EfficientWP. Technically the registered business name is Efficient Websites LLC, but I use EfficientWP in all branding.

Q: How and when did you get into WordPress?

A: I got into WordPress in late 2008, as I was thinking about quitting my job and working for myself so I could travel the world. I evaluated a few of the popular CMSs at the time, and settled on WordPress. At the time, WordPress wasn’t as clear a choice as it is now.

Q: Are you a designer or developer or both?

A: I’m both a designer and developer.

Q: Describe how you or your business use and work with WordPress:

A: I primarily use WordPress to do custom design and development work for clients, and I use it for my own sites, to develop plugins (a couple of free ones, working on a paid one), and to power a SaaS for podcast review notifications.

Q: What does your company do?

A: My company designs, hosts, and maintains WordPress websites.

Q: What sets your business apart from the competition?

A: I deliver high quality work in a short amount of time. I offer a unique design in a day service, where I work with the client in real time (in person, or Skype with screen sharing) to make their custom design as they give instant feedback.

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Recent Work

A website screenshot of created by Doug Yuen.
Created by: Doug Yuen –
A website screenshot of created by Doug Yuen
Created by: Doug Yuen –

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