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WordPress Research: Job Market

This article was collaborative effort from Markel Town and Adam Bailey.

As college students working through learning web development, It is interesting and useful to know what the likelihood of securing a programming job after graduation. What chances do we have of getting a job in a WordPress related field?

Programming Jobs

Graph showing rises in self-employment

There is a rise in self-employment. states that according to the census bureau, many people are becoming self employed in some surprising markets, (including singing), but that web developers have maintained an uphill climb in the market, even amidst the hard economic climate in the late 2000’s.

Infographic of programming jobs
Source – Stack

2015 developer survey conducted by Stack Overflow revealed Full Stack Web Developer as the top job by users. According to Code Up, Full-stack die-hards would consider a full-stack developer to have specialized knowledge in all stages of software development, which says basically that the most well rounded skill set wins. Someone who can perform duties of front end and back end work.

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Interview With Walter Jeffries: Pastured Pig Farmer

Picture of Walter Jeffries
Walter Jeffries

Walter Jeffries is an accomplished farmer, raising “Pastured Pigs, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Sheep, Dogs and Kids in the Mountains of Vermont”. He uses WordPress to blog about the things he loves and is interested in, as well as supporting his business, Sugar Mountain Farm.

WordPress is quite easy to use. I recommend it to people because they can use it at many levels from the fully hosted for hosting their own, to hacking their own.

– Walter Jeffries

Why did you choose WordPress as the content management platform for your business?

I had been using Blogger, but they shut down the custom URL platform which made me look for a replacement. In the process of researching what to use I found WordPress and have been very happy with it. That happened in early 2010. Google had notified Blogger users well ahead so it wasn’t a surprise and I had time to make a fairly graceful transition. It wasn’t too painful other than some errors in translating characters and HTML with the export-import features.
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WordPress Plugin: Breadcrumb NavXT

This article is for the installation and usage of the Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin. This Plugin enables the user to see a “Breadcrumb”, or trail of pages visited, as they navigate your site.

This would be useful if there were a lot of pages or other navigation on your site. The user could go right back to a certain place instead of aimlessly using the back button.

Installing The Plugin

You will need to install this Plugin before you can use it. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Download the file.
  2. Extract the zip file into your WordPress plugins folder.
  3. Enable the plugin at wp-admin/plugins.
  4. Modify your Theme to include the code where you want the breadcrumb to appear.

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Automattic Announces Its Acquisition of Longreads

According to WP Tavern, in April 2014 Longreads became the next company, along with, to be part of the Automattic family. Longreads recommends and helps people to discover the best long form stories, defined as “over 1500 words”. Longreads stories will be displayed in the WordPress Reader. logoMark Armstrong, the founder of Longreads, says this in his announcement of the acquisition:

“We see a huge opportunity to go deeper with our mission, both through Longreads and—to find undiscovered talent, to celebrate the work of writers and publishers you already love, and bring even more of the best storytelling onto the Internet.”

Longform content is believed to be on the upswing to be reinvented, with the recent rise in use of mobile devices and apps dedicated to reading.

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WordPress Words: Query

A query is a request of information from a database.

Example: The database query retrieved the records of all employees who work more than 40 hours per week.

About The Word “Query”

Queries are most often used in SQL (structured query language), developed by IBM in 1974. This language allows a user controlled set of data to be returned from a very large collection of information.
An example SQL query

WordPress also utilizes SQL in its own unique way, with a class called wpdb, which contains its own function to relate WordPress to a database. Using the object $wpdb, a sample query for use in WordPress would look like this:
sample wpdb query

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WordPress Tutorial: Adding Comics To A Blog

If you are a cartoonist or artist, you may want to share your cartoons online in a way that they incorporate into your blog. Even if you do not draw pictures, you may want a way to showcase other images at the top of your blog. This tutorial will show you how to do this in both the Twenty-Eleven Theme, and the Panel Theme.

Setting Up Shop

Before we even decide on a theme, we need to make sure the digital images or digital images of comic strips are named properly, and include alternative text, or alt tags. This is important to do as you upload the media the first time, and make a habit out of it.
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