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I'm currently a student at Clark College pursuing to transfer to Washington State to pursue Computer Science. I am passionate about education and hope to use my skills and knowledge to improve our educational system. I work for Lionbridge Tech, contracted with HP to provide and support printer testing.

Interview with Kate Ringland: Grad Student

Photograph of Kate Ringland sitting on bench with laptop
Copyright Kate Ringland
WordPress can be utilized by more than just businesses and passionate bloggers. As WordPress community member Kate Ringland demonstrates, the content manager can be used as a virtual resume and a means to network with current and potential business associates. Kate says:

Overall, WordPress makes building and maintaining my website easy…WordPress is also the choice of most academics I’ve been involved with, so it’s easier for everyone if we’re all using the same system.

Kate is a Ph.D. student in Informatics at University of California, Irvine. She studies human computer interaction, Assistive Technology, and technology for people with autism. Continue reading Interview with Kate Ringland: Grad Student

WP Weekly Podcasts: An Untapped Resource

If you’ve been looking for a fun and informative source for WordPress news and info checkout WordPress Tavern: WP Weekly Podcasts, a great resource for WordPress news, reviews, and interviews. Contributor Jeff Chandler is the host of WP Weekly Podcasts provides community members with great advice from WordPress developers, contributors and other web based companies, who provide insights that you would not have access to anywhere else.

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Extending Your WordPress Plugin

Ian Dunn discusses different ways to customize WordPress plugins without losing your changes after upgrades. The main takeaway is to use the functionality and Code Snippets plugins to create and manage changes. Additionally users are encouraged to get in touch with the plugin creator.

For more information checkout Ian Dunn’s article, “The Right Way to Customize a WordPress Plugin” and WordPress Tavern’s article, “How To Extend A WordPress Plugin Without Losing Your Changes.”

iOS – Postcard Improves WP intereaction with Social Media!

Postcard is a new, free app available in iOS app marketplace. It allows users to share content to multiple Social Networks including a “Custom Network,” aka your WP blog. This app, which is also a plug-in available on redirects traffic away from the Social Network sites and back to your site where it belongs.

To learn more checkout : “Own Your Content: Postcard Social Sharing App Launches With WordPress Integration”

How to Blog: Best Practices for Creating Content

Even the best authors need a lesson in how to write for the web.  If you’ve reached the point in your web development process where you are ready to overflow your empty webpages with eye catching, mind engaging, titillating content, then you may want to read some of the pointers this article gives.

Together, you and I will look at some of the answers to questions ranging from “How long should a post be?” to the mind grappling “What should I write about?” To begin, lets break down our lesson:

  1. KISS Your Titles
  2. Break Up Your Content
  3. Emphasize don’t EMPHASIZE
  4. Writing “Good” Content
  5. Graphics
  6. Further Reading

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Creating and Uploading Header Art In WordPress

Before you begin this tutorial, there are some prerequisites you already should have completed. You should already have an idea or foundation for your header. Your design concept, images, and logos should already be developed. The later portion of this tutorial will simply show you how to create the banner, set it to the recommended size, and then upload it using WordPress. If you are not already prepared, here are some basic suggestions to help get you to where you need to be in order to complete this tutorial.

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