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WordPress Plugin: WP LOL Rotation

WP LOL Rotation WordPress Plugin by WordPress development legend Ozh Richards is great for anyone looking to create a League of Legends oriented site.  It allows you to display the current free champions available for a summoner (League of Legends players). This Plugin creates a widget that updates automatically with the weeks free champions.

WP LOL Rotation Widget for WordPress.

This is a great Plugin for admins who are hoping to inform a fellow League of Legends player of who they can play free this week. Sites like mobafire use widget similar to this one to help reader stay informed on who is free or entice a reader to try a champion previous unavailable to them.

After activating it, you can go to Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets and dragging it into the Main Side Bar to have it display on your site.

WP LOL Rotation back end
This is what WP LOL Rotation looks like in the Widgets Menu.

WordPress News: Getting your blog started right

Lots of people want to get out and start a blog to share their great content. However, not many people know how to create a healthy and thriving blog.

WordPress News

How to start a Blog

Starting a blog is free at by select the create a site option. From there, follow the steps laid out for you. There will be an option to pay for advanced features, but payment is not required. When you complete the steps listed, you should have selected a theme, site name, and several other cool features.

Creating Content

There are many things you could do once you set up the foundation of you site. It is recommend that you acquire the content for your site fairly early on in it’s development. getting content. This is most likely the main reason you started your blog anyway. The content is what is going to attract your readers and keep them coming back—not the flash pictures or nifty features.

WordPress posts

Successful blogs prioritize content creation. According to writer and blogger Eric Hines, “Cash is king in the market; content is king in writing. ” On all of his sites, he lays out a publishing goal or scheduled so his reader are satisfied.

Getting traffic on a blog

Getting your blog seen by people is all about marketing. The stronger your presence on social media the higher chance that people will find your blog. Getting social media accounts on multiple outlets is recommend if you can manage maintaining that. Link your site on social media sites by going to Dashboard>Setting>Sharing and linking all the social media outlets there.

Social media icons
Here is what the Sharing Setting looks like.

Want more about starting your blog?

For more information about getting your blog to a great start make sure to check out get your new blog off to a good start by Michelle W. and Make 2015 a Great Blogging Year by Ben Huberman. Both of those are great post on under the news section talking about finding success in blogging.

WordPress Tutorial: Switch Sites

Why Switch Sites?

Many user of WordPress will end up creating or contributing to more than one WordPress site. In order for the user to to access each of these sites, they are going to need the  Switch Sites feature.

Switch Site Picture on WordPress Account
Here is what the button to switch sites looks like on your WordPress My Sites page.

How Do I Switch Sites?

When you click this feature, you are now able to select the site you want to work with. This features is found on the top left of your page when you login into WordPress with your username and password. It is important that you login through WordPress and not one of the websites you are trying to access. When you login through a website, you go directly to that websites dashboard and not to your WordPress account page.

All My Sites

WordPress Tutorial All My Sites Function
Here is what it looks like when you click the “Switch Sites” button.

Once you have clicked Switch Site, you now enter “All My Sites” which gives you more options. Here you can select the site you wish to begin to edit or view. After selecting one, you now are able to view the Stats, WP Admin, and View Site functions the site offer. Depending on your clearance on the site, what you can do will be limited. The  last feature that “All My Sites” provides is the “ADD NEW WORDPRESS” Where you can add another site onto the list of current sites you have access to.


Another Way to Switch Sites

There is another way to login to access the Switch Sites option from the dashboard of a WordPress site. From the dashboard you go  (My Sites > Switch Site > Site Name > Site Screen ) to get to site that you want.

WordPress Tutorial All My Sites Function2

Benefits of Switch Site

The Switch Site feature allows you to:

  • By pass logins on individual websites.
  • Save time
  • Switch between sites easier
  • Add sites to your “My Sites”

The Switch Site  is one the many features that WordPress offers for making your job a lot easier. I encourage you to pursue more of these tutorials and gain in your knowledge of WordPress.





WordPress Words: Heading

The heading is simply like a title. In HTML, it is structured by using heading tags such as H1, H2, H3, and H4. Normally, as the heading number gets bigger, the font gets smaller.Tags are similar to, but more specific than, categories. The use of tags is completely optional. Support

Example: A well placed heading can be used to change the separate topics in a post and structure my work.

For those of you who don’t know what a tag is. A HTML tag is:

An HTML tag is a code that describes how a Web page is formatted. HTML tags are defined by the characters < and >.
about tech

About Headings

The headings that we use in WordPress are HTML headings that separate content on your posts. Headings are important because they let the writer of the posts change topics or shift the post directions. They also let search engines use the headings to find your posts and most importantly they structure the post you are writing, giving it a change in direction or introducing a new topic or idea.

Headings can be used in both the editor options. In the visual editor the Headings tool looks something like this:

WordPress Heading in the visual editor

In the text editor, the Headings look like this:

WordPress headings in the text editor

Search Optimization

Headings also allow search engines to find your content. They often times view your headings and select them if they match the searched ramifications. This will help bring more traffic to your site.

For More Information