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One thing about me, I have always liked to read, and I've found more and more that I enjoy writing, I view it as almost a necessity to steer my career aspirations in the directions that I want them to go. I've had a few Progressive rock related articles published and I like how that feels. As for my hobbies. I enjoy working with computers. It's something I've done for many years. Experimenting with Linux, BSD, Windows, Virtual machines, etc and learning how they work, has turned into an interest that ties in with my studies, hopefully my new career in some way. I'm a music collector with over 2K records I've obtained over the years. What I would like to do is with this site is share some thoughts on Windows 10 and maybe some other newer Operating Systems, a few videos, some pictures and tutorials. I hope that you'll have fun.

Reverbnation Master Plugin

Our guest speaker for our WordPress class,  Mr Dan Portis-Cathers is not just a Musician, he also designs WordPress webpages for music industry clients. He pointed out that a blogger with a music page needs a plugin that plays music.

Many of the Artists that I feature on my student site are found on the website known as Reverbnation . This website began as a way for local musicians to harness the power of social networking to get the word out that their band is the next big thing or to communicate/ collaborate on music related projects

Reverbnation now boasts that it is home to over 3.5 million bands, venues and music professionals. It is a great site to meet new bands, maybe get some cds to review, and network with others in the industry.

Naturally, the Reverbnation Master Plugin became a plugin of choice for my DISTROTECH student site as my blog deals primarily with Progressive Rock music, and Linux.

Reverbnation Master
Reverbnation Master

After downloading, the Reverbnation Master Player Plugin was very easy to install.

  • Use the WordPress Installer/Updater
  • Activate from the “Plugins”administration panel,
  • Click over to the Widget Page>Reverbnation Master Widgets.
  • Configure the settings.

That’s it! Once installed the Plugin allows plenty of customization. Show maps of listeners, feature album art, lyrics, announcements. In short all of the Widgets that are on the Reverbnation site are included in this Plugin. HTML5 Player, HTML5 Fan Collector, Tune Widget, Merchandise, Mail, and so much more.

Have a look at this demo at . If you have a music site and want to promote it, this Plugin is one that you can’t live without.


WordPress: Where in the World

It was eleven years ago.  In 2003 opened for business. May the Twenty-Seventh, 2014 marked the launch of what has become the world’s most popular, Content Management System.

The WordPress Map Unfolds

Based on the Developers Emeritus list of members, the early WordPress community  
was largely from the San Francisco Bay area, Denver, Atlanta, England, and Ireland, though the members were spread across the world.

As word spread, interested bloggers and developers visited the WordPress user forums to get their questions answered, and stayed to help others, contributing to the development of WordPress. The WordPress community quickly grew,

In the beginning, there was too much going to to keep up with tracking visitors, but in time, the team started paying close attention to their visitors and statistics, digging deep into their demographics especially after, the free site hosting service, was launched in 2005. Continue reading WordPress: Where in the World

How to add Content to RSS Feed Readers

Bloggers need their news, and they need it now. Timeliness is essential. An aggregator for multiple newsfeeds is what an RSS Feed Reader can provide. Pulling in the most recent articles from your favorite news sources and putting them all in one place, organized and easy to locate.

Most Feed readers are free. A few charge a fee, some have a one time cost, while others are available through subscription. The paid apps typically include some degree of tech support, email and blogging tools. Fortunately, for students, there are Feed Reader apps that provide basic services free of charge.

Let’s have a look at the Add Content features found in popular free readers, beginning with the well-known browser-based app, Feedly. Continue reading How to add Content to RSS Feed Readers

How to Save and Sync Web Browser Bookmarks

When you are using a public computer, it can be frustrating trying to recall your passwords that you’ve saved. Searching for familiar web pages can delay productivity, as well as slow down collaborative efforts with colleagues. What’s the problem? The bookmarks are missing!

A user can usually sync bookmarks by logging in to their favorite browser, and following the prompts. For those other times when you can’t remember your password, a portable HTML file containing all of your bookmarks can be carried on a USB stick.

Regardless of which internet browser one selects, there is now a path to importing your portable HTML file.

Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, the most popular web browsers, offer additional tips, and guidelines in the support pages listed below, including how to export bookmarks to HTML.

The process begins with a flash drive, thumb drive, or portable drive connected to your desktop.

Let’s look at each web browser for the instructions on how to preserve your bookmarks for the next time you need them, no matter what computer you are using anywhere. Continue reading How to Save and Sync Web Browser Bookmarks

Interview with Japh Thompson on WPWeekly

The WPWeekly Podcast (147) on WP Tavern featured an interview with Japh Thomson and his work at Envato. He worked in support before becoming the WordPress Evangelist for ThemeForest. The discussion covered the challenges of overcoming criticism in social media for a company with the best intentions for the WordPress Community. Other topics included new features in WordPress, WordPress News, and the WordPress Contributor Experience Survey.