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Hi, I'm Chelsea. I live in Silverlake, WA, a very small town about an hour north of Portland. I am a student at Clark College in the Web Development program.

AppPresser Creates Mobile App for WordPress Frame

AppPresser has created an app that allows you to use the WordPress framework to make apps. These apps can be made available for purchase or download in the iOS App Store or the Google Play store. This app is not available yet but it is coming soon. Check out the article over on WPTavern and watch the video.

WordPress Pageviews Options

When navigating a website you need to know what it is that you are looking at, especially if you are trying to explain something to someone. These are pageviews and here are all the pageviews you need to know on WordPress.

Front Pageview

The front pageview  will be the first thing readers will see when stumbling on your site. Depending on what kind of a site you are running your front pageview could be static or promote your latest blog posts. It could also be featured posts, or your sticky notes.

Front Pageview Example

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Interview with Jenn Quigley: WordPress Developer

I interviewed Jenn Quigley a WordPress developer who is a former WordPress student. Here is what she had to say:

Chelsea Olver: How long have you been using WordPress?

Jenn Quigley: I’ve been using WordPress for the last 3 years.

CO: What got you started using WordPress?

JQ: My bosses husband has an online business who knew nothing about using WordPress and asked me to take it over. I had not used WordPress before that.

CO: Why WordPress?

JQ: It is just much easier to work with over other sites.

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Aligning Images in WordPress

This article is going to teach you the best ways to align your photos in WordPress.

You want to start by writing your article first. A lot of people think that it is better to have the images in first and then add the text around it, but that is actually not the best way. It is much harder to get around the images in the way you like if you do it that way. Continue reading Aligning Images in WordPress

WordPress News: 10/7-10/15

WordPress 3.7 Beta 2 Released

WordPress 3.7 Beta 2 is out and ready for download. If you downloaded the Beta 1 then in theory Beta 2 should have updated automatically. This is still in development (a.k.a. lots of bugs!) so I do not recommend running this on your main site but to run it on another site or at least do not run on ones with high traffic.

WordPress 3.7 Beta 2

The new features are as follows:

  • Automatic background updates – so when beta 3 rolls around no need for another download!
  • Search results – now ordered by relevance other than date.
  • Password Meter – Strong passwords are important and this new meter will help get better passwords.

They need more beta testers so get on the downloading!
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