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How to Create the “Perfect” Post – Part 2

Welcome to part two of two in this series on “How to Construct the “Perfect” Post.” Did you have a nice intermission?

Here in the second act we will cover the last few tips I have for you to make your content sing out like the proverbial fat lady. Remember, you may have composed the grandest aria ever but if your presentation is scrawny and slim, nobody can hear it. So let’s continue to make your presentation gloriously obese!

fat lady singing
So it’s over then?

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How to Construct the “Perfect” Post

The Grand Intro

So you’ve thought of the perfect post, have you? You’ve been gifted with the golden idea, the one that will go viral and lift your blog up into the Internet heavens! It’s fully formed in your mind and it’s just a matter of getting it into your trusty WordPress text editor and then published onto your page.

stephen colbert nailed it

Hold on just a second, sparky. Your content may be genius-inspired, but it won’t make the same impact if you don’t craft your post with care. Content is not everything, my friend. It is only the beginning. Continue reading How to Construct the “Perfect” Post

Interview with WordPress Blogger: Super Saiyan M

As we are all required to publish an interview on the Clark College WordPress site for one of our articles, I decided to try to get a normal, everyday blogger to answer a number of my Mike Wallace-like probing queries. Reaching out to a blogger that I’ve developed a friendship with through comments, I asked Super Saiyan M to receive my third-degree.

A full-fledged super saiyan, this hero chooses to keep her civilian identity a secret known to few. But she is a real person, I assure you.

Super Saiya cartoon of m going supersaiyan

See? Totally real!
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How to create a Link in the WordPress Visual Editor

Anyone can just dump a link any-old-where. How about


Feel like clicking on that? Sometimes you as a blogger are going to want to place a link in your wonderfully and artfully crafted article. How to make it attractive rather than just dumping the ugly URL into your piece?

It’s actually wonderfully simple and fun once you know the best method. In your text editor, either in visual or text mode, whichever you prefer, type any words you want to represent the link you’re going to make. Anything you want.
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How to Add Posts and Pages in WordPress

So you’ve logged in to WordPress and created a blog. Great! You won’t get very far until your blog has some content, though. In this article, we’ll let you know the various ways you can add content to your site.

Note: There are two basic types of published content on a WordPress site: posts and Pages. If you don’t know the difference, check out “Differences Between Pages and Posts on WordPress” to explain it.

Screenshot of the Admin Bar in WordPress to add a new post.There are multiple ways to add a new post in WordPress.

Once you’ve logged in to WordPress, look at the top bar on the site. You should see your gravatar on the far right. Slide your eyes to the left a bit…aha! “New Post” lurks there.

Do you think that might mean…? It means exactly what you think it means.

Click on New Post.

On the web page that pops up, start your new post with a title and the text. Don’t forget to put the post in a category and add some tags.
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