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Currently i am a college student in pursuit of a degree in Web and Graphic Design. Over the years, I have developed a passion for various forms of visual art and creative writing. After I obtain my first degree, I plan on pursuing a second degree in video game character concept (preferably at LCAD). My interests and passions are in art, writing, video games, books, comics, cooking, world culture/religion, mythology, and animals. Most all my attention is about these things as I hold them the closest to my heart. I am a vivid animal person. I have always been and in the recent years I have gotten particularly interested in breeding reptiles. Over time, I will add care sheets on animals that I am currently/have owned in my life time, along with pictures. Because lets face it, who does not want to see other people critters.

The WordPress Trophy Case

On, there is a section that is meant to help inspire and motivate you while you are working on your blog.  This section is referred to as the Trophy Case. This unique part of is different for every blogger depending on how far you have come as a blogger on, always making it a self-competition to see what trophy you may receive next. Continue reading The WordPress Trophy Case

New App Postbot Lets Users Schedule Future Photo Posts

On April 22, 2014 Automatic introduced a new app to the WordPress community known as Postbot. This app lets users schedule future dates to publish their photo posts. WordPress has always had the ability to schedule posts, with or without images, to automatically release over time. This app is especially designed for photobloggers to help them release their images on a regular basis, like daily photoblog posts.

Hat Tip: WPTavern