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Interview with Troy Uyan: Developer in the Making

Troy Uyan profile picBrowsing ClarkWP Magazine you have surely ran across a good few articles by Troy Uyan, but do you know Troy past his profile pic and awesome articles? A student here at Clark Collage, he is studying web development, but leaves in his wake much more than required assignments.

A primary example of Troy’s contributions to the web is his work helping develop Shulnak Village, a project that supports education and literacy in rural Tibet. Though his is contributions alone make a grand statement, you would be amazed to discover that this site boasts many hidden features supplied by Troy. These features include not only a fully responsive layout but also use of WordPress as a CMS. He accomplished all of his work for Shulnak Village before even finishing his classes on responsive design or WordPress.

Front page of website for Shulnak Village School Project.

Troy finished those classes on responsive design and WordPress and put his new found skills to work immediately. He created his own personal site, Troy Uyan, and had this to say about the process: Continue reading Interview with Troy Uyan: Developer in the Making

Release of BuddyPress 2.0

You will see on wpTavern a post about the release of BuddyPress2.0. If you don’t know what BuddyPress is, it can me best described as,

FaceBook in a box for WordPress

Meaning, BuddyPress gives the users the ability to indulge in chatting with one another just as you would on FaceBook!

This is exciting news for any one that has or will use buddy press. The new version has many things it is bringing to the table, including important security fixes and added improvements to WordPress menus integration. Expect to see things like synchronization of comments and conversations as well as a better hierarchal indicators.

Don’t settle to just know a handful of what is to be expected, there is much more to be offered! The article on wpTavern goes into much greater detail. Take a look to not only learn more about what BP2.0 is bringing to the table, but also what the BuddyPress documentation team has planned for the near future.

WordPress Plugin: Lifestream

Wouldn’t you love to be able to pull all of your activity on the web into one singular, clean, and understandable feed on your blog? Keeping viewers in tune with everything you are doing, not just what you post to your blog? You can using LifeStream!

LifeStream WordPress Plugin

If you can get access to the RSS feed you can add it too your LifeStream feed.

Each feed source is, as stated my LifeStream, “prettied up”. They do this by clearly separating each feed clearly as well as labeling it accordingly in response too its source and time shared. Continue reading WordPress Plugin: Lifestream

Becoming a WordPress Codex Contributor

WordPress Official Logo.WordPress would be nothing if people like you were not using it to the fullest. For each post you make, trick you learn, and thing you share, you breathe life into WordPress. There is a clear give and take here; one that should be embraced. One of the best ways to embrace this system is to contribute to it. Did you know that you can be a contributor to the WordPress Codex?

There are three approaches you can take to doing so…

  1. Administration and Maintenance
  2. Content Management
  3. Discussions and Decisions

Not everyone has the same skill sets or interests to invest in as a contributor. Learn about the different approaches and see what fits you best! Are you into managing people or content, or would you prefer to help using discussions? Surely one approach sparks your interest; wouldn’t you enjoy helping yourself and others in a fun new way?

Here’s how you get started…

First off you need to log in to your WordPress account or register for one . Next you will want to create a user page, which is best described as your profile for the WordPress Codex. You will use this to keep in touch as well as let people know who you are and what you’re about. To really stay in the loop, though, take one last step and sign up for the  wp-docs mailing list. Once that is taken care of, you will be ready to start contributing!

As with any multi-contributor site, you need to be sure that you are filled in regarding how you present content. Take some time and familiarize yourself with the guidelines and styles before actually contributing.

You are encouraged to network with others and look around the WordPress Codex to get an idea of how things work.  Don’t make becoming a contributor into a larger task than it is. It can be approached the way you want, you can work as much or as little as you desire, and it all can begin by taking one simple step.

Taxonomy: Tags in WordPress

Do you know how to use tags properly when making a post? Tags are easy to use and a very powerful tool. They pick out topics that pertain to the post they correspond with and guide your readers to related topics. They are not, however, to be used like categories, which are similar in definition but are used much differently. Tags are your site’s index words. Categories are the table of contents.

How would you handle your posts if you had a blog about, lets say running marathons. At the very least you would have three categories…training, stories, and community. Within these three categories you could easily separate advice you have to give from the stories from past marathons and still have a space to post about what’s happening in the running community. Continue reading Taxonomy: Tags in WordPress