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I am a graphic design student at Clark College of Vancouver WA.

Ben Dunkle: “Flattening WordPress” now on

Ben Dunkle, icon designer for WordPress, is now on with a history of WordPress icon design and the new flat interface design. He also gives a quick presentation on how to create the “flat” interface design look using Adobe Illustrator, Glyphs App and Font Squirrel.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin on InstantWP

Here, you will learn how to install a Plugin on WordPress, using InstantWP.

Don’t have InstantWP? Click here to read an instructional tutorial on how to learn more, install and use InstantWP.

(Please note: These directions are exactly the same when installing a WordPress plugin on
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InstantWP: What is Instant WordPress?

Instant WP is a free standalone portable environment where you can develop a self-hosted WordPress site if the web is not accessible. Known as “Instant WordPress,” InstantWP’s best feature is that you can run it right off of a thumb drive or external hard drive but can also run right off of your computer. Obviously, these changes are not live.

Another benefit of InstantWP is that it comes with many different kinds of “guinea pig” posts and such so you have content to refer to when choosing a WordPress Theme. You can install InstantWP as many times as you’d like on as many devices as you’d like. In the case of a group project, you could hand off the thumb drive with InstantWP installed to another team member and they can open it and start editing from where you left off.

InstantWP is only for Windows operating systems. It does not work on Mac or other operating systems.

How To Install InstantWP

To install InstantWP, go to InstantWP to download the program.
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How to Protect Your Content by Inserting Copyright Notices in WordPress

We all want to keep our original ideas – just that – original. While there is little we can do to prevent copyright infringement, here are some ideas for reminding visitors of your copyright policy.

To remind visitors that you have a clear copyright policy, you may place your copyright notice where they will see it. The three I will be discussing here are:

  • Copyright notice in your footer
  • Copyright notice or policy in the sidebar
  • A WordPress Plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites.

The format of a copyright notice is one that is wrapped in a link to the specific copyright license, the terms and conditions under which someone may link to or use your content, and your definition of Copyright Fair Use. Not all copyright policies meet the needs of every site. The copyright example in this informational tutorial is very general. You need to define your policies specifically to your needs.
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Interview with Scott Gere of Gere Donovan Creative

The following is an interview with Scott Gere, partner and account director at Gere Donovan Creative, with offices locations in Anchorage and Portland.

I chose to interview Scott because I know him and his family personally and I admire their work ethic and quality of work. I also admire their business and the way they have chosen to build and run it – keeping it small and more personable and treating their employees well. Scott and his wife Monica are admirable people who, in my opinion, excel in the marketing industry.

Jessica: Who are you and what is it that do you do?

SCOTT: I’m partner and account director at Gere Donovan Creative, an agency that specializes in integrated marketing and particularly websites, email, e-commerce, etc. Among other things, we’ve been building websites since 1994.

Jessica: In what instances do you use WordPress and when do you choose not to?
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