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Hello! Name is Jolene if we are being formal, but call me jO if you'd like. I am a Hypnotherapist by profession. I used to own a Barbershop, sold it after 13 years. I am in school working towards a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. I am very interested in down sizing my lifestyle and living in a tiny house. I have two young adult children, a daughter 21 who lives on her own and a son 19 who will be moving out this time next year when he completes his bachelors from WSUV. I am married, 8 years, my partner works at Boeing of Portland.

WordPress Developers Discuss Common Fears About Using WordPress

After grappling with my own fears around exploring WordPress more deeply for several years, I finally decided to take a college course on using WordPress. Just gaining some basic understanding of the working’s of WordPress helped me move beyond those fears.

My fears around using WordPress sparked a curiosity in me. I wondered what held others back from using WordPress.

I began with former business owner and fellow student, Karen Desemple. I asked her about her past fear’s about using WordPress. I say “past fears” because she has taken Lorelle VanFossen’s WordPress class at Clark College. Here’s what she had to say when asked if she had used WordPress for her business, and if not why?

The potential of WordPress was overwhelming and I felt like I didn’t have time to figure it out. I ended up going with Blogger at the time because it felt more basic.

Now that I have worked with WordPress at Clark College, the thing that scared me about it before is the thing that would make me want to use it now – because it is easier to use, more flexible, and powerful. I let it intimidate me -no. That’s not right. I let my fears intimidate me. I wanted it to work right out of the box, and when it did, I was suprised.

Karen sees all of the potential in WordPress. That potential is the strong driving force that motivates her to use it now.

Wow, that is some powerful stuff. Sounds like people just need to learn a bit more about it to shake loose that fear! Continue reading WordPress Developers Discuss Common Fears About Using WordPress

A Broken Link Checker Plugin

Have you ever been to a website and clicked on a link and it went no where but an error page?  It’s annoying and even more so when there are multiple broken links.  When we only have seconds to make an impression, every detail counts!  Having broken links can be potentially fatal to business if it runs off customers.

Have no fear, “The Broken Link Checker,” is here.  This is a WordPress plugin that was created by Janis Elst.  Broken Link checker monitors your site for broken links and notifies you when you need to make changes.

Once you add the plugin and go to the back end of your site and look down the left hand column list for plugins, locate your new plugin and activate it.  You will be prompted to set a few settings and then it will give you the option to check your site for broken links.  If you have a very content rich site with lots of pages it may take awhile, like an hour or so.  It could take only minutes to check your site.  Once it is done you will be given the chance to fix any broken links right there in the plugin vs. having to go to the specific page or post.

There are five different categories that include various settings.  You can stick with the general settings and that will cover the most basic of needs because there are common defaults in each section or go through each section and set things for specific needs.

Here are the five categories;

  • General
  • Look For Links In
  • Which Links To Check
  • Protocols and API’s
  • Advanced

Identifying and fixing a link is easy as 1, 2, 3!  Follow along with the screen shots and you will see just how easy it can be.

As you can see below there is a broken link indicated;

Notification of Broken Link

Once you click on the broken link at shown in blue at the top of the page above you will be taken to this screen.  After that hover over the broken link and locate the edit url.  When you click on edit url you will be taken to the edit page where you can fix your broken link.

Three screen shots that show how to identify and fix a broken link.

No excuses for broken links, now that there is Broken Link Checker! This is a must have.

Widget Customizer NOW Approved for WordPress 3.9

This is exciting news!  A widget customizer is now approved for WordPress 3.9.  This will be part of the core of  What does that mean for you?

Well you will no longer need to edit your widget and then preview, then move back to the edit screen and then preview again.  What a time saver that will be!

But that’s not all! Wait there’s more, the widget customizer will also allow you to preview while:

  • Adding new widgets
  • Recording widgets
  • Recording widgets to other sidebars
  • Removing widgets

To bone up on this new widget check our WordPress Support.

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Jetpack WordPress Plugin Has Now Been Updated

Jet Pack is a great plugin that allows user’s to access many great features all in one Plugin. users already have all of the features of Jet Pack integrated into  Jet Pack was released back in 2011, and it really was a special feature that many people were clamoring for!

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress described it as a:

, “dream of mine…to provide feature parity between and for everybody.”

He shared this with us in his post called Jet Pack to the Cloud.

And now Jet Pack has had a makeover!  There is a terrific improvement that has been made as well as a couple of great new feature that have been added to Jet Pack.   Continue reading Jetpack WordPress Plugin Has Now Been Updated

7 Easy Steps To Creating a Best Selling Title for a Blog Post

Good content is important but, if no one is reading it, it’s all for not! Writing best selling blog post titles is as important as writing the content itself. That may seem like a bold statement, but I believe it is true. Consider it yourself.

What are you more likely to read, “Writing Better Blog Titles” or ” 5 Easy Steps to Creating a Best Selling Title for Your Next Blog Post” or ” Go Viral by Creating A Best Selling Blog Post in 5 Easy Steps”? I know I would choose to read one of the last two if I was given the options.

Most people don’t have a lot of time, and they want to take in information that they can easily digest and then put into practice immediately. So, when you post a title that gives clear parameters and suggests that the reader can get information that can quickly resolve an issue,  then they are all over that. Continue reading 7 Easy Steps To Creating a Best Selling Title for a Blog Post