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I’m Katie. I’m 23 years old and live in Southwest Washington. I work part time at a pizza place and go to school at Clark College. I'm currently taking my last quarter of study before I graduate! Wordpress is one of these classes that I'm taking, and I'm very excited to learn this new platform! I'll be making a site based on my freetime passion-- art.

WordPress Plugins: POWr Photo Watermark

WordPress is a land of multiple plugins and widgets, but one in particular stuck out to me. As an artist, and having witnessed my art being used by people who aren’t me, protecting my art is very important to me. Watermarks is one way to do this.

POWr Photo Watermark is a plug in that provides watermark services for images incredibly easily. After installing, it’s very easy to use these features and add them to your own posts. Continue reading WordPress Plugins: POWr Photo Watermark

Web Accessibility: Color and Pattern

The usage of color and patterns in web design is often referred to as the “fun” part of design. Picking colors is great, right? Of course it is, but unfortunately what a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that there is a lot more to your design than just what colors and patterns to use. They need to be carefully considered, in order to make your design accessible to all users of the web.
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WP News: WordPress 4.1, Blogging 201, and LoopConf

The Clark College WordPress class students review WordPress news around the world to bring you the latest news and WordPress resources during the academic year.

WordPress Development

WordPress Core Weekly: A summary of all the updates made to WordPress in the last week. Formerly known as Last Week In WordPress Core. Continue reading WP News: WordPress 4.1, Blogging 201, and LoopConf