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Interview: Who Are the WordPress Users in Your Neighborhood?

Riddle o’ the day…  What do tea parties, a former humanitarian worker to Africa, custom greeting cards, and craft retreats all have in common? Why, you can find them all on WordPress, of course!

With over 76 million WordPress sites in the world, the  variety of subject matter to be found among them is as diverse as the people who use WordPress. As a new user, myself, I thought it would be interesting to talk to some of those users to learn more about their experience with WordPress and why they count themselves among those millions of users. Continue reading Interview: Who Are the WordPress Users in Your Neighborhood?

Bucket List Plugin

Do you have goals? Do you want to achieve them? Well, of course you do! Did you know, though, that the simple act of writing them down puts you at a statistically higher chance of achieving them? Well, it does. Further, when your goals are out there for the world to see, you just never know who might see them and be able to help you on the path to achieving them, too. So, how do you organize and chronicle them from start to finish? With the Bucket List Plugin, that’s how! Continue reading Bucket List Plugin