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Hello my name is Valeriya...I spend my free time planning my next trip to somewhere far away. "I'm not a christian because I'm strong and have it all together. I'm a christian because I'm weak and admit I need a Savior!"

Broken Link Checker Plugin

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin helps you double check your site for links, comments, and other content that leads to nowhere. It also identifies missing images.


Whenever you post a link that is broken it automatically crosses out the link and notifies you on your dashboard.



A fairly a simple plugin but very helpful to anyone who has limited time availability. Its like a spell checker that checks automatically for errors. This plugin is also helpful to any sites ecommerce, personal, or retail since everyone of those who insert lots of links and content into their sites.

WordPress 4.0 Development Begins

On April 30, 2014 some news was released about the kickoff of developing WordPress 4.0. According to the roadmap page on WordPress the 4.0 version should be out by August 27, 2014 which is not too far away, so get ready!

For those unaware, for WordPress, version 4.0 sounds like a “big” version number but it’s just another major release for us, like 3.9 and 4.1, constructed over the same ~4-month release cycle.

 Andrew Nacin

Though Andrew says that this release isn’t too big of a deal it still has some cool features going for it. Sarah Gooding writes on WP Tavern about a few features that are going to be in the new release:

  • JSON REST API Plugin: Basically a core plugin and features easy to use framework.
  • Media Grid Project: Gives you an easy way out from the annoying list view with tiny thumbnails when looking through the gallery. This project has been proposed in previous releases but never really came out, so here it is taking a flight. Also, there is a plugin that shaunandrews has been working on, it’s very basic but gets the job done.

So there you have it, new things are coming your way!

The WordPress Post Slug

You may have heard terms like post slug, permalink, and Pretty Permalink as you work on your WordPress site. To most people they can be very confusing. If we understand the concept of those things, they can be a very useful tool for sharing and keeping track of posts and pages.

This article will help you learn what in the world is a post slug and how to use it.

What is a Post Slug?

Here is how WordPress Codex defines it: Continue reading The WordPress Post Slug

How to Publish from Word to WordPress

People continue to use word processors like Microsoft Word to write their posts for their site. Unfortunately, online web publishing platform editors do not play well with outside publishing sources. After many years of making the process of pasting word processing documents into WordPress, the release of WordPress 3.9 made it even easier to successfully paste text into a Post or a Page.

Online publishing systems gag on this stuff; gremlins breed in the hidden spaces.
Tom Scocca

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