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My name is Melissa Jefferies. I'm currently 29 years of age, residing in Vancouver, WA. I currently attend Clark College as I'm pursuing a career as a Computer Support Specialist. I'm really enjoying my WordPress class so far and am very excited to learn more. If I become good enough, I hope to start my own business helping clients.

Interview with Bob Dunn, WordPress Trainer

BobWpBob Dunn is a WordPress teacher and trainer based out of Seattle, WA. His primary teaching methods are through his website offering hourly training, Wordcamps, and the newly founded WooCommerce Conference.  He also spends a majority of his time giving back to the community by offering free workshops in the Puget Sound area.

He dedicated his time to answer the following questions via email about WordPress.

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WordPress Plugin: Huge-It Slider Tutorial

The Huge-It Slider WordPress Plugin is a user-friendly Plugin that allows users to add unlimited images to their websites. 

This could be useful if you have a website specializing in photography or a sporting event.

Features of the Huge-IT Slider

  • Unlimited images
  • Video Slider – YouTube & Vimeo
  • Posts Slider (content slider)
  • 15 different Navigation buttons
  • 9 different positions for Slider Title and Description
  • Auto-generated shortcode to copy and paste the slider to posts, pages , and templates.
  • Can add slider in widgets from widgets admin panel
  • Ability to change font size of Slider Title and Description
  • Full Design Management
  • Support upon request in 24 hours

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WordPress Word: PHP

PHP is a recursive acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. Its main focus is server side scripting which is specifically suited for web developers to write dynamic pages quickly.
PHP Manual – What is PHP?

How Does PHP Work?

When someone visits your PHP webpage, your web server processes the PHP code. It then determines which parts it needs to show to visitors. This includes content and pictures and hides file operations.  Then translates your PHP into HTML. After it translates into HTML, this sends the webpage to your visitor’s web browser. This means that PHP is a powerful behind the scenes scripting language that your visitor’s wont see.

All WordPress sites use PHP to process the data and generate a web page. Code snippets created with PHP, JavaScript, and other web programming languages used in the core of WordPress for redundant and frequently accessed programming are called Template Tags. Continue reading WordPress Word: PHP

New WordPress Community Events Calendar

WordCamp 2014 Photo

Users can now use the WordPress Events Calendar,  to find ways to connect with other WordPress fans. They also have the opportunity to learn more from developers, designers, and bloggers by attending one of many collaborative groups.  Some of these event groups include: Continue reading New WordPress Community Events Calendar

Web Accessibility: Video Captioning

Video Captioning Photo - From

Video Captioning allows the content of web audio and video to be accessible for those with disabilities. It can also be useful for those who are not fluent in a language in which the audio is presented. Video Captioning is not only essential for people to understand your content, but it’s also required by law. Continue reading Web Accessibility: Video Captioning

What is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is a powerful WordPress Plugin which enables you to customize your own social network specific to your sites needs. You can use it as a social network for a school or college, a communication tool for a business, or a focused social network for a product you’re trying to sell. This is beneficial  because it enables a user to have unlimited theme options while also allowing them to add features they need to fit the site.

The basic optional components of BuddyPress include:

  • Extended Profiles:  Allows you an unlimited number of field types to customize user profiles accordingly to your sites purpose.
  • Activity Streams: Record personal, group and site wide activities with an RSS feed.
  • Member Account Settings: Users can modify their account and notification settings directly from their profiles.
  • Friend Connections: Gives users the ability to add friends and  accept friend requests.
  • Messaging: Send and receive private emails from members in your friends list within your private messaging panel. All members have their own individual Inbox.

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