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I am a student in college working on my AA in Web Design and Development. I have been a hobbyist of micro-electronics since 2006. I have been working on marring my love of the web and the versatility of micro-electronics ever since.

WordPress Plugin bbPress

bbPress is the forum creation WordPress Plugin for WordPress sites. It is used by many users and is worked on by the same teams at Automattic. Forums are used all over the web to increase the amount of continued reader/follower interaction. Almost any type of company can benefit from adding forums to their site. You can you use them for support of a product that you sell, and as a way of having other people in the community around your site help each other. You can also use forums to bring your discussions out your comments and into a single place where it can be more structured.

New Buttons in Admin PanelAfter installing the Plugin, 3 new buttons will be added to your Administration Panel sidebar menu. Click on the Forums button to take you to the New Forum Panel. Continue reading WordPress Plugin bbPress

WordPress Words: MySQL

MySQL: is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) based on Structured Query Language (SQL).
Margaret Rouse at TechTarget

MySQL is a free open source relational database management system made by Oracle Corporation. The greatest part of it is that it is not just for major corporations, it can be installed on all server network systems.

A relational database is a collection of data items organized as a set of formally-described tables from which data can be accessed or reassembled in many different ways without having to reorganize the database tables. The relational database was invented by E. F. Codd at IBM in 1970.
Margaret Rouse at TechTarget

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Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Europe Incited Heated Discussion

According to WPTavern at WordCamp Europe, Matt Mullenweg asked that companies that benefit from WordPress invest 5 percent of their efforts into the continued development of the WordPress Core during his Q/A. He goes on to say that mobile is a huge part of the future of WordPress. The other main point was that Automattic has been contributing nearly 100 percent of the ongoing development in the mobile APP.