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WordPress Plugins: NextGEN Gallery

Logo for NextGen Gallery.The NextGEN Gallery Plugin is the most popular gallery plugin in WordPress. Its a powerful engine for uploading and managing galleries of images, as well as batch upload, import meta data, add/delete, rearrange, and sort images.. you can edit thumbnails and group galleries into albums

This is what our Gallery page looks like before the WordPress Plugin.

Before NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin installed.

After activating the WordPress Plugin, the gallery button is added on posts and Pages. Click it to add images from the gallery Plugin.

Screenshot after next gen gallery WordPress Plugin installed

Click to add files then drag and highlight all the images you want to put into the gallery, then click upload.

Screenshot of upload gallery

After you have uploaded the images for the gallery there are many other options for managing your galleries and your albums that can be found in 3 places shown in the images below.

Uploading and arranging images using the NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin screenshot.

finished gallery using the WordPress Plugin

Blog Ideas

Cheri Lucas Rowlands Writes an inspiring article about blog ideas at Blog ideas 2014
Think Big
St Helena's Church, Lundy Island
St Helena’s Church, Lundy Island

You can have a blog about your adventures travelling across the world.  If you don’t want to travel you can also learn about other locations by looking at pictures and reading books.

“Writer and reader Andrea Badgley sets off on a literary journey: she launched Andrea Reads America, in which she plans to read three books set in each state of the US.”

Or Think Small

Don’t forget about the little things. Small goals can help you stay motivated and help defeat writers block.

You can:

  • Establish a quick feature: weekly or daily post
  • Use daily prompts to give you thoughts a jump-start
  • Download the  365 Writing Prompts ebook
  • Diversify your content
  • Consolidate and organize your media, favorite readings and finds
Answer every comment personally

Make your readers feel special. It only takes a few minutes but can pay off in the long run with new friends, business partners, or co-authors.

Run a contest 

“I’ve run blog contests on this site before, and all I can say is that it gives great attention and new traffic to your blog.”

Join blogging events or launch your own

Participate in events hosted by fellow bloggers.

“Or, why not create your own for 2014? Over the holidays, we mentioned Linda Silvestri’s fun and festive sketch project, in which she established HoHoDooDa (Holiday Doodle a Day). From recipe challenges hosted by food bloggers to reading clubs led by bibliophiles, consider your own event — then submit it to the blog listings page so others can join.”

Find out what your people want

Ask what the people want to read about. Contact forms and polls can help with this.

Dominate the world

Expand your reach. Shape your online presence, and build your network and brand. reach out to people and collaborate and contribute. link your blog to social media accounts like Facebook twitter etc.

Time for a makeover

Give your site a refresh by switching your theme, or adding widgets and custom header images.

WordPress Words: Pageviews

 Page views  are the names for generated web pages on your site

Example: When the article title was clicked,  a single post page view was generated and the layout was different.

 About The Word

The Pageview is the way in which a generated webpage is viewed, and also the number of times a page has been viewed.

These are some different types of Pageviews

  • Front/Home Page
  • Single Post Pageview
  • Single Page pageview
  • Multi Post Pageviews
  • Category Pageview
  • Tag Pageview
  • Author Pageview
  • Search Pageview
  • Archive Pageview


This is an example of your number of Pageviews

For More Information

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