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I am a 22 year old bibliophile. I also have a major passion for graphic and web design! I really don't like writing About Me's so if you have any questions about me contact me and ask, :)

Interview with Chris Martin: Professor and Web Developer

Portrait of Chris MartinChris Martin has been a web developer since 1997. Chris is also a documentary film maker, writer, speaker and professor here at Clark College. Chris started teaching about a year and a half ago, which has inspired him to learn even more about the subjects he teaches: Web Design, Web Multimedia Content, and Web Video Production.

Chris loves people. He loves listening to people talking about their passions. Chris believes first and foremost that stories matter. Because of that his mission is to tell stories about people, businesses and organizations that are positively impacting others throughout their communities and around the world.

“In Internet years, I am ancient and have had to redefine my skills and abilities several times based upon changing technologies and amazingly smart people who have developed open source projects such as WordPress.”

Here are a few sites that Chris created with the use of WordPress:

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Can You Find WordPress on the Map?

The internet is so vast, being made up of millions of websites and to most it would be seemingly impossible to put into perspective in a visual way. But Martin Vargic formerly known as The9988 on took the challenge to create a visual representation of the internet upon himself. Martin decided to visualize what the internet would look like in the style of a world map. Martin states that this is only the first version of the the map because “an incredible amount of websites and software companies are not on the map.” The missing sites and companies will be added in later updates to the map.

After some searching WordPress was located along with Jetpack, NextGen and bbPress. I have yet to locate Akismet, which is concerning because how vast the spam ocean is. What on the map grabs your attention and what do you think could use improvement in it’s coming updates?

Hat Tip: WPTavern

The Art of the Screen Capture

What is a Screen Capture?

A Screen capture, which is also referred to as a screen shot, is the act of capturing what is displayed on your computer screen and saving it in an image format.

There are many ways to take screen shots, from basic button combinations on  Windows and Macintosh  systems to multiple different screen capture programs that are available to download for free. Continue reading The Art of the Screen Capture