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Richard Lough is a full-time student studying Interactive Multi-Media and Website Design and Development at Clark College in Vancouver, WA. He is a heavily tattooed individual who enjoys the history and culture of the art. In addition he likes to examine and re-examine the effects tattoos have on the community and society in general. He has been tattooed for over 10 years both professionally and unprofessionally, and has been both an employer and a employee in many aspects of both words.

Interview With Kaylee Allen Author Support And Web Developer

The following interview was obtained through conversation through a Skype SMS message conversation with Kaylee Allen.

Kayelle Allen, portrait.Kayelle Allen is a published award winning Science Fiction Romance author. In 2006, she founded Marketing for Romance Writers and MFRW – Marketing for Romance Writers (on Blogspot), a peer-mentoring group open to the entire literary community. The site is now the largest online author group of its kind, and provides no-cost training in book marketing skills as well as promotional services.

In 2009, Kayelle opened her Romance Lives Forever blog (adult content warning) for authors, publishers, and blog tour companies. The blog has an online reach of over one million. Continue reading Interview With Kaylee Allen Author Support And Web Developer

What is a Gravatar?

The Gravatar service is a program that users around the world can use to create their own personal avatar that is recognized globally. Gravatar stands for “globally recognized avatar.”

People all around the world use these graphic icons to represent themselves and give a face to their email, social media, blogs, etc. In WordPress for example your Gravatar is located in the top right hand side of the Administration Panels where you develop your blog, and can also be found anywhere you comment on anyone else’s content on any WordPress site around the world.

The Gravatar system features two services. First, it allows the user to create a visual identity avatar. Second, it creates an online portfolio. If enabled on WordPress or other sites using Gravatars, a Gravatar profile hover card will appear when someone hovers over their Gravatar. Click the Gravatar and the user is taken to the online profile.

Gravatar allows the creator and webmaster to control certain content and ability to configure their system to set a Identicon if the user has no registered Gravatar. Continue reading What is a Gravatar?

Important Security Update for Syntax Highlighter Evolved WordPress Plugin

Syntax Highlighter Evolved Plugin 3.1.10 update is mandatory security update. The WordPress Plugin is used for sharing code and allowing users on sites to post code snippets for readers to read as code. If you are using this Plugin, it is important to update immediately.

Hat Tip: WPTavern

WordPress Web Hosting Options

Screen shot of a computer monitorNeed a web host for your WordPress site? Before you choose a web hosting service it is best to figure out what you want to do with WordPress, what the WordPress hosting requirements are and what you’re hoping to accomplish with your website. 

There are several kinds of web hosting services out there for you to choose from that suite your needs. Continue reading WordPress Web Hosting Options