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WordPress News: Live Chat with Matt Mullenweg–Founder of WordPress

Product Hunt is a website that lets users share and discover new products, from apps, websites and technology products that everyone’s talking about. On September 22, 2015, Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, Automattic, JetPack, and Audrey Capital hosted a LIVE Chat on Product Hunt.

There’s a large list of participants (or community members) who ask Matt questions about almost everything; from what are his favorite apps on his phone, to questions about Plugins, themes, and new upcoming releases. One conversation between community member Nikhil VIMal and Matt that caught my interest is below in the screen shot provided:

Screen shot of a conversation between Nikhil and Matt on

Not all questions got answered, but Matt did a fantastic job answering as many as he could.

Maker Stories

Product Hunt also features podcasts called, Maker Stories. Episode 44: features Matt Mullenweg on hiring, investing and picking his friends wisely. Erik Torenberg–Product Hunt interviews Matt and has this to say about him:

Real pleasure to chat with Matt, the most successful humble person I know.

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Garbology Book Club This Friday

The Garbology Book Club kicks off this Friday on Oct. 17th in the Cannell Room LIB 101 from 12 pm – 1:30 pm. You can bring your own lunch and your own mug. Light drinks will be served. The club will discuss “Garbology Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash” by Edward Humes.