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WordPress Tutorial: Switch Sites

Why Switch Sites?

Many user of WordPress will end up creating or contributing to more than one WordPress site. In order for the user to to access each of these sites, they are going to need the  Switch Sites feature.

Switch Site Picture on WordPress Account
Here is what the button to switch sites looks like on your WordPress My Sites page.

How Do I Switch Sites?

When you click this feature, you are now able to select the site you want to work with. This features is found on the top left of your page when you login into WordPress with your username and password. It is important that you login through WordPress and not one of the websites you are trying to access. When you login through a website, you go directly to that websites dashboard and not to your WordPress account page.

All My Sites

WordPress Tutorial All My Sites Function
Here is what it looks like when you click the “Switch Sites” button.

Once you have clicked Switch Site, you now enter “All My Sites” which gives you more options. Here you can select the site you wish to begin to edit or view. After selecting one, you now are able to view the Stats, WP Admin, and View Site functions the site offer. Depending on your clearance on the site, what you can do will be limited. The  last feature that “All My Sites” provides is the “ADD NEW WORDPRESS” Where you can add another site onto the list of current sites you have access to.


Another Way to Switch Sites

There is another way to login to access the Switch Sites option from the dashboard of a WordPress site. From the dashboard you go  (My Sites > Switch Site > Site Name > Site Screen ) to get to site that you want.

WordPress Tutorial All My Sites Function2

Benefits of Switch Site

The Switch Site feature allows you to:

  • By pass logins on individual websites.
  • Save time
  • Switch between sites easier
  • Add sites to your “My Sites”

The Switch Site  is one the many features that WordPress offers for making your job a lot easier. I encourage you to pursue more of these tutorials and gain in your knowledge of WordPress.





WordPress Tutorial: Adding Comics To A Blog

If you are a cartoonist or artist, you may want to share your cartoons online in a way that they incorporate into your blog. Even if you do not draw pictures, you may want a way to showcase other images at the top of your blog. This tutorial will show you how to do this in both the Twenty-Eleven Theme, and the Panel Theme.

Setting Up Shop

Before we even decide on a theme, we need to make sure the digital images or digital images of comic strips are named properly, and include alternative text, or alt tags. This is important to do as you upload the media the first time, and make a habit out of it.
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WordPress Resources – Who’s Talking?

As WordPress users, we are often stuck looking for help outside of the WordPress owned forums and support options. Going to an outside source can help you gather an outside opinion, talk to advanced users and get guaranteed-honest feedback.

There are many sites all over the internet for this purpose, however, it is important to make sure the sites you are using are professional and have active users and moderators to get you the best answers fast with minimal or no spam. Continue reading WordPress Resources – Who’s Talking?