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WordPress Research: Job Market

This article was collaborative effort from Markel Town and Adam Bailey.

As college students working through learning web development, It is interesting and useful to know what the likelihood of securing a programming job after graduation. What chances do we have of getting a job in a WordPress related field?

Programming Jobs

Graph showing rises in self-employment

There is a rise in self-employment. states that according to the census bureau, many people are becoming self employed in some surprising markets, (including singing), but that web developers have maintained an uphill climb in the market, even amidst the hard economic climate in the late 2000’s.

Infographic of programming jobs
Source – Stack

2015 developer survey conducted by Stack Overflow revealed Full Stack Web Developer as the top job by users. According to Code Up, Full-stack die-hards would consider a full-stack developer to have specialized knowledge in all stages of software development, which says basically that the most well rounded skill set wins. Someone who can perform duties of front end and back end work.

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Automattic Announces Its Acquisition of Longreads

According to WP Tavern, in April 2014 Longreads became the next company, along with, to be part of the Automattic family. Longreads recommends and helps people to discover the best long form stories, defined as “over 1500 words”. Longreads stories will be displayed in the WordPress Reader. logoMark Armstrong, the founder of Longreads, says this in his announcement of the acquisition:

“We see a huge opportunity to go deeper with our mission, both through Longreads and—to find undiscovered talent, to celebrate the work of writers and publishers you already love, and bring even more of the best storytelling onto the Internet.”

Longform content is believed to be on the upswing to be reinvented, with the recent rise in use of mobile devices and apps dedicated to reading.

For more information:

Blog Ideas

Cheri Lucas Rowlands Writes an inspiring article about blog ideas at Blog ideas 2014
Think Big
St Helena's Church, Lundy Island
St Helena’s Church, Lundy Island

You can have a blog about your adventures travelling across the world.  If you don’t want to travel you can also learn about other locations by looking at pictures and reading books.

“Writer and reader Andrea Badgley sets off on a literary journey: she launched Andrea Reads America, in which she plans to read three books set in each state of the US.”

Or Think Small

Don’t forget about the little things. Small goals can help you stay motivated and help defeat writers block.

You can:

  • Establish a quick feature: weekly or daily post
  • Use daily prompts to give you thoughts a jump-start
  • Download the  365 Writing Prompts ebook
  • Diversify your content
  • Consolidate and organize your media, favorite readings and finds
Answer every comment personally

Make your readers feel special. It only takes a few minutes but can pay off in the long run with new friends, business partners, or co-authors.

Run a contest 

“I’ve run blog contests on this site before, and all I can say is that it gives great attention and new traffic to your blog.”

Join blogging events or launch your own

Participate in events hosted by fellow bloggers.

“Or, why not create your own for 2014? Over the holidays, we mentioned Linda Silvestri’s fun and festive sketch project, in which she established HoHoDooDa (Holiday Doodle a Day). From recipe challenges hosted by food bloggers to reading clubs led by bibliophiles, consider your own event — then submit it to the blog listings page so others can join.”

Find out what your people want

Ask what the people want to read about. Contact forms and polls can help with this.

Dominate the world

Expand your reach. Shape your online presence, and build your network and brand. reach out to people and collaborate and contribute. link your blog to social media accounts like Facebook twitter etc.

Time for a makeover

Give your site a refresh by switching your theme, or adding widgets and custom header images.

WordPress News: Getting your blog started right

Lots of people want to get out and start a blog to share their great content. However, not many people know how to create a healthy and thriving blog.

WordPress News

How to start a Blog

Starting a blog is free at by select the create a site option. From there, follow the steps laid out for you. There will be an option to pay for advanced features, but payment is not required. When you complete the steps listed, you should have selected a theme, site name, and several other cool features.

Creating Content

There are many things you could do once you set up the foundation of you site. It is recommend that you acquire the content for your site fairly early on in it’s development. getting content. This is most likely the main reason you started your blog anyway. The content is what is going to attract your readers and keep them coming back—not the flash pictures or nifty features.

WordPress posts

Successful blogs prioritize content creation. According to writer and blogger Eric Hines, “Cash is king in the market; content is king in writing. ” On all of his sites, he lays out a publishing goal or scheduled so his reader are satisfied.

Getting traffic on a blog

Getting your blog seen by people is all about marketing. The stronger your presence on social media the higher chance that people will find your blog. Getting social media accounts on multiple outlets is recommend if you can manage maintaining that. Link your site on social media sites by going to Dashboard>Setting>Sharing and linking all the social media outlets there.

Social media icons
Here is what the Sharing Setting looks like.

Want more about starting your blog?

For more information about getting your blog to a great start make sure to check out get your new blog off to a good start by Michelle W. and Make 2015 a Great Blogging Year by Ben Huberman. Both of those are great post on under the news section talking about finding success in blogging.

WordPress News for the Week

WordPress News summary for this week

may 21

Hookr Enters Beta with New UI and Support for 800+ Plugins and Themes WP Tavern

may 20

Happy Joe Partners with WebDevStudios, SiteGround and Announces Dates for WordPress BootCamps WP Tavern

may 20

Learn How to Utilize the WP REST API with Rachel Baker WP Tavern

may 20

WordPress Trainer Morten Rand-Hendriksen on Common Pain Points, Roadblocks, and Advice for New Users WP Tavern

may 19

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg announced today that the company has acquired WooCommerce, WordPress’ most popular e-commerce platform WP Tavern

may 18

Community, Translation, and Wapuu: How Japan is Shaping WordPress History WP Tavern Theme Submissions Suspended

It used to be that you could only submit a new theme for if they had invited you to. That all changed at the beginning of 2014 when announced that they would add a submission form to their site for anyone who would like to sell their themes.

How Theme Developers Feel

There have been mixed feelings about how well that has gone. Theme sellers are excited to have the opportunity to submit their themes freely, but at the same time, allowing so many people to submit themes is slowing down the approval time for the themes. That can cause some frustration among sellers.  Theme creator, Mike McAlister said on his own review of how submissions were going:

I’m not talking about weeks long, I’m talking about months long. Each Array theme review has taken at least a month, usually longer. Our latest theme for, Camera, took 4 months from the day I submitted it to the day it was released.

There have been other complaints with the new submission process as well, especially for people who design commercial themes. They are saying that is not spending enough time promoting the commercial themes. Some of them are abandoning their desire to sell to and are returning to other buyers like Themeforest.

What Automattic Says

Right now, this is what the theme submission page at says.

Screenshot of the submission page text for themes on
When contacted about why it took down the theme submission option, Automattic said:A Screenshot of a quote that Automattic gave about why they took down their theme submission form. While theme creators may be upset by the take down of the open theme submission form on, it should be helpful for them to realize that WordPress is working on getting the system updated so it won’t take so long for their themes to be approved. Automattic did not give a date on when their form will be available again.
Hat tip: WP Tavern