As students at Clark College learn more about WordPress, developing their skills in the various degree programs that requires or features the WordPress course as an elective, the students are building resources to help future students learn more about WordPress, including creating a WordPress Glossary of terms and terminology associated with WordPress.

Using a feed reader such as Feedly, add these sites to keep up with WordPress news and information.

  1. WordPress News
  2. WordPress Help and Information
  3. WordPress Events and WordCamps
  4. WordPress Jobs
  5. Unofficial But Exceptional WordPress Resources

WordPress News

The following are the key sources for official information about WordPress,, and Automattic.

WordPress Help and Information

The following are resources to find official help and information from WordPress, with tips on how to maximize that help.

WordPress Events and WordCamps

WordPress Jobs

The following are online job services with a large number of WordPress-specific jobs. The jobs include fixing and tweaking website design issues in WordPress Themes, creating custom WordPress Theme designs, coding, writing WordPress Plugins, customizing scripts and adding functionally, installing and maintaining WordPress sites, database manipulation, and a lot more. Skills required range from basic web design to complex PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX and beyond. The jobs are contract, freelance, one-time, part-time, and full-time.

This list is not an endorsement or recommendation. Please read through their terms of service for your own protection.

Unofficial But Exceptional WordPress Resources

The following are bloggers covering WordPress extensively. It might not be the only thing they cover, but they specialize in offer extensive WordPress tips, advice, techniques, and how-tos. They are deserving to be in your feed reader for WordPress.

Students Serving Up WordPress Tips and Techniques for Clark College Students and the World

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