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Settings: No Ads upgrade

When purchased the No Ads upgrade gives a blog the ability to hide ads that would otherwise be displayed.

Using No Ads with the Custom Design upgrade gives the ability to keep the focus on the content of the blog without the distraction of unwanted ads.

By having No Ads activated means ads will not be shown on a blog. No Ads can be deactivated at anytime to allow ads to be visible. It’s as easy as that.

Turning No Ads on

Here’s how to activate and deactivate the No Ads upgrade.

Click the Settings option in the side menu this will expand the Settings menu to reveal a choice called AdControl.

no ads selection process1

Now click AdControl to be taken to the area where No Ads can be activated, and deactivated. If the No Ads upgrade is purchased then you will see the option to activate the No Ads upgrade.

If the upgrade for No Ads hasn’t been purchased then the ability to purchase it will be given by way of a link called No Ads that appears in a paragraph at the top of the page after clicking on AdControl in the Settings sub menu pictured below.

no ads selection process2

It couldn’t be easier!

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