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WordPress Tutorial: Categories/Tags

The following tutorial will teach you about categories and tags.

What are the categories and tags?Think of the categories as a table of contents in a book. Categories are important because they help organize, and group content so it’s easy for users to find. Tags are a lot like the index of a book.  Tags are keywords designated to an article, or a post that when a search is done, and a keyword matches a designated tag the content attached to the tag will show up. Tags can either be specific to one piece of content or multiple pieces of content.

Where to find the categories and tags?

When creating a post categories, and tags can be found to the right of the screen.

A picture of the category and tags option in post editing

Where to find categories and tags on the front side of a website?

Tags can be found at the bottom of a post.  Categories can also be found at the bottom of the post.

WordPress Tutorial: Categories: Add New Categories

When writing posts in WordPress it is often useful to have related posts categorized together. This way if you want to see more post on the same subject it is easy to find.

With the categories feature on WordPress you can do this. If you are viewing the WP Admin part of your WordPress site take your mouse and hold it over the sidebar on the area that says “Posts,” then once it appears move your mouse over to the area labelled “categories” and left click .

Now you should be in the categories section. Viewing this page you should now see a section that say “Add New Category” on the left of the page and on the right a box with your current categories you have made so far (if you’ve made any). If you have not made a category yet you should have a default category that says something like “uncategorized,” and if you haven’t made any other categories then this is where all your posts live.

categories under post in sidebar

Lets focus on the “Add New Category.” First Enter the name you want the category to have, next you’ll see a drop down box called “Parent,” this box gives you a selection to relate the article you are creating to another. For example; If I revolve my site around Football and have a category named “Football,” if I make a category called “How to Throw a Football” I might relate the two using the Parent function. Next, below parent function you will see a place to put write a description. This is used to give a little more information on your category. Lastly, just click the “Add New Category” button to officially create a category.

Now that you’ve created a category, all that’s left to do is use it! When writing a post look to the right on the sidebar and scroll down to the section called “Categories.” You should see one category already selected which would most likely be your default category. Now all you have to do is click on the box you want to set as categories that you think relate to the post and the content within it. That’s how you use and make new categories.

When adding categories while writing a post you can do this here as well on the post editor page:

Categories in the post editor.